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    11 Ways to Make Your Period Suck Less

    To say I have a rough time before and during my period would be an understatement. I turn into a complete MONSTER- an alternate, in pain, evil, whiny version of myself that should probably hide in a closet until the whole thing is over. For everyone’s sake.

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    My All-Time Favorite Skin & Nail Care Products

    Until a couple of years ago, I could have cared less about my skin and nails. Shopping for skincare products, for me, looked like going to Walmart and grabbing whichever products were cheapest but still smelled good. Back then, I also had A LOT of acne, nails that looked like a 90-year-old grandpa’s (okay, maybe not that bad), and dry itchy skin that was just aching for anything but another $2 product to save it. 

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    Why I Stopped Journaling Every Day and What I Do Now Instead

    I used to be so completely obsessed with journaling that I was actually “known” for it, to some extent. It didn’t matter if I was at church or at a pool party… I always had my journal with me. It was the place I kept everything… my thoughts, plans, dreams, to-do lists, ticket stubs, and most importantly, my angsty teenage rants about boys and friend drama.

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    7 Things I’m Currently Obsessed With

    Holy manole, where did April go!? It feels like just yesterday Connor and I were hopping on our cruise and stuffing our faces with mediocre buffet food. The last half of the month seemed to go by ESPECIALLY fast since I was spending most of it switching my website over to Wordpress and digging way down deep into my soul to figure out exactly what I want to do with this little space of mine on the internet.

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    Spring Favorites + Bucket List (& Free Bucket List Printable!)

    Apparently, spring “officially” began on March 20th. HA! I definitely wasn’t even aware of that since I was surrounded by piles of snow up until just a few days ago. But now that the suns come out and the snow’s melted off the ground, I’ve been lighting my tropical scented candles and opening all the windows in the house first thing each morning.

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