Newlywed Life Update & My Fall Favorites

I thought I’d give a little life update since I’d like to be more transparent and personal on my blog- ya know, so you guys can actually get to know me! I debated on whether I should write this or not because it’s more of a “lifestyle” type of post than a post on “introversion” and “being an INFJ.”

I’ve read so many blog posts on the importance of sticking to one niche, but I’ve finally come to the conclusion that that strategy “ain’t gonna work for me.” Why won’t it? Because I have too many passions in life that I love writing about to stick to only one topic.

Only writing about one topic wouldn’t be “staying true to myself,” which is what I’m striving to do lately. It’s funny (and sad) how easy it can be to fall into the trap of doing what other creative entrepreneurs (and people in general) are doing instead of sticking to what I think will be best for me. I’ve really got to work on not giving a flying hoot about what “everyone else is doing.” Seriously!

Soooo, anyways.

The past few months have been crazy craziness! For those of who don’t know, my husband and I got married 6 months ago, so we’re still wee little newlyweds (awww!) In the past 6 months, we’ve already lived in two different homes, the first of which we moved out of this past month (hence the craziness).

Our first home was an adorable basement apartment that we loved dearly but that we quickly moved out of because it was infested with spiders (like, an abnormal amount of spiders- even my husband was freaked out by the amount), and because my husband wanted a garage that he could do projects in (I guess that’s a guy thing…I don’t quite get it). So, we ended up finding a place for around the same price, but with an extra room, a garage, and way less spiders. Thank goodness!

Here’s a few pictures of our first home. I’ll post pictures of our current home soon- once we finish some more of our furniture!

Along with our move, we’ve been busy building and painting furniture and making our house a home. Connor’s loved having a garage to work in and finally bought a go-cart to work on in it, which he’d been talking about for months before we moved. He bought an old junky one for a good price and fixed it up. It’s actually been way fun to ride around the neighborhood!

 Connor being difficult & not smiling for a picture. Connor being difficult & not smiling for a picture.  Still being difficult...but it's better haha Still being difficult…but it’s better haha

We’ve also been spending time enjoying (and getting used to) our new life as a married couple.

It really is amazing, but there’s definitely a “learning curve.” I don’t understand when couples say their first year of marriage was easy peasy and, to be honest, I just think they might not have been comfortable with each other or one of them was being a pushover if they had absolutely no problems their first year. Cause there’s definitely a lot to get used to when you’re combining two lives together completely!

But, don’t get me wrong. It really is better than I ever imagined it would be and I’m so glad I married Connor. The longer we’re together, the more perfect I think he is for me and the more appreciative of our relationship I am. He’s seriously everything I ever wanted and way way way more!

Here are a few wonderful things about married life with Connor:

  • We both have night terrors where we think someone has broken into our house or there’s a giant spider in our bed (yes, we both have the exact same night terrors- weird, right?), so we wake each other up freaking out and then have to calm each other down which makes for some good night time cuddles and laughs in the morning
  • I’m literally more comfortable and truly myself with Connor than I’ve ever been with anyone in my entire life- he brings out the best in me. We tease and laugh a majority of the time, which is something I love about us. He’s my true bestie.
  • We’ve both always disliked the sentiments like “babe,” and “baby,” but we’ve naturally started calling each other super silly things- mostly “bum bum.” I just love it! So much better than “baby” if you ask me haha
  • We’re completely open with each other. I was watching a Buzzfeed video other day about a couple being handcuffed together for 24 hours and they were super emberrased to use the restroom around each other and such and it just made me so grateful that Connor and I are so open with each other- burps, farts, and all! I could not have married someone who I had to repress those things around- nuh uh!
  • We support each other and “get” each other. Connor’s my biggest supporter and I’m his. We believe in each other and encourage each other. I’ve loved that aspect of being married- having a best friend for life that supports me and loves me for who I am.

There’s a million other things I could say about how much I love our relationship, but I won’t get tooooo sappy. So, I’ll finish off with a few of my fall favorites. I love sharing resources and talking about the things that make me happy because they can hopefully make others happy too!

So, here are a few things that have brought me joy so far this fall season: 

1| The Good Place is finally back on!

You guys, The Good Place Season 2 is back on Hulu (ahhhhh!!!!)

I realized this the other night & stayed up until 3am watching all 4 episodes that have aired. If you haven’t already watched this show, you definitely should. It’s the next best thing since New Girl. It’s witty, hilarious, original, and is a super light & happy show that will bring you instant joy!

2| A Flow Book: A Book That Takes It’s Time, which isn’t just a fall favorite- it’s my forever favorite.

I need to write a whole blog post on this book because it’s that great, but for now I’ll just do a mini-rant on why I love it. It’s so hard to find a “normal” book these days- one that isn’t saturated with “universal truths, energy, blah blah blah” talk (sorry, but I’m not a believer in the whole universal energy thing- not at all), so I absolutely love how refreshingly normal this book is!

It’s been so helpful in my pursuit of being more mindful and positive. It has great articles on having compassion for yourself, being mindful and present, how to console people who are grieving, etc, etc. It’s packed full of goodness and it’s so beautifully designed that I’m always in awe of every page. It always brings me so much happiness just looking at the beautiful pages and reading the wonderful content. I highly recommend this book! It’s definitely worth the price.

And it’s on Amazon (for $10 cheaper than what I paid for it in a bookstore- ugh, dang it! I should know by now to always go with Amazon.)

3| These wonderful Ashwagandha stress relieving vitamins.

I already mentioned this over here in the post about taking care of yourself when you have anxiety and/or depression, but I just want to mention it again. I’ve been taking it for about a week and a half now and I’ve already noticed a difference in my mood. I was even able to get through my PMS emotional rollercoaster time of the month feeling a lot more in control of my emotions.

If you look through the reviews on this one, you’ll see how highly rated this product is! It’s a great alternative to anti-depressents but would be good for anyone who needs a mood boost and would like to feel overall more calm and energized (somehow it does both…weird, right!?)

Well, that’s all I have for you today but I’ll be writing a post soon on “Mastering the Art of Quitting,” so stay tuned! And please let me know in the comments below what your “fall favorites” are this season. I would love to hear about them and/or hear about your experience as a newlywed. Also, have any of you take Ashwagandha pills? How did you like them? I would love to hear someone’s first-hand experience with them.


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