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23 Illustrations Every Introvert Can Relate To

In a world that caters to extroverts (i.e: group activities, the requirement to be “friendly” and “outgoing” in order to get a job, etc.), it’s no wonder that introverts find such great comfort and meaning in the quiet, beautiful things in life- like a wonderful relatable poem, song, or illustration.

When you feel things so deeply but find trouble transferring your deep thoughts into words, it can feel almost magical to come across words or art that capture and depict a part of who you are. That’s why I’ve put together 23 illustrations that you’ll hopefully be able to relate to- ones that will make you feel understood.

The following illustrations should be a reminder to you that you’re wonderful just the way you are. When you feel misunderstood because you’d rather stay in than go to a party or when someone makes you feel guilty for not keeping in touch as well as they think you should, it’s important to remind yourself that you’re okay.

In fact,  you’re more than okay- simply because you’re you. It’s more than okay to be quiet. It’s more than okay to be different. It’s more than okay to be you- just the way you are. 

There’s power in enjoying your own company and in having the ability to validate your own existence instead of needing others to validate it. There’s power in knowing who you should spend your precious time and energy on.

There’s power in thinking more than you speak and in thinking through things thoroughly (although sometimes overthinking comes at a price). There’s power in focusing on the deeper things in life instead of on “small talk” and the superficial things. There’s power in noticing the things around you that others are too busy socializing to see. There’s power in being an introvert.

With all of that being said, here are 17 illustrations that you’ll most likely relate to if you’re an introvert!

1. Regarding time alone as a precious commodity instead of as punishment or as “loneliness.”

2. Wanting desperately to leave and go home after your social battery has run out of juice.

3. Trying to act normal in social situations.

4. Having to make a conscious effort to allow yourself alone time without feeling guilty about it.

5. These real-life horror stories.

6. A map of your heart.

7. Having a lot to say but being scared to say anything because when you do say something you’re often interrupted, talked over, shrugged off, or not heard at all.

8. The magical moment when plans are canceled.

9. Looking like you’re doing nothing, but you’re really overthinking everything.

10. Feeling absolute joy about having no plans.

11. Getting extra anxious whenever the phone rings & staring at it in horror instead of answering.

12. And another one about the wretched phone call because it’s the WORST.

13. Being stuck in your room because there are humans outside of it. (I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve gone hungry, held a full bladder, and even escaped out the window in order to avoid talking to people outside my room.)

14. Expressing your feelings for someone through a playlist, song, poem, quote, etc…because sometimes that explains how you feel far better than you feel your own words could.

15. Having to make excuse after excuse to simply be happy.

16. Having an intense love for your house (AND your S.O, if you have one)

17. Avoiding small talk like the plague and being extremely relieved when it’s over.

18. Your idea of a great night.

19. Always coming up with a game plan for escaping before you attend any social event.

20. This is your spirit animal.

21. Your idea of the golden rule is leaving people alone.

22. Having space is essential for the sanity of you and your loved ones.

23. I’m sending this one to the next person that calls me.


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