If you’re an INFJ, you’ve most likely found it extremely confusing to choose one career path. It can feel limiting when there are so many different things you’re passionate about and so many different ways that you want to help people!

In fact, if you’re in the same boat I was in- where you want to do several different things that are meaningful to you, than don’t worry! Luckily, there’s a great option for you creative, independent, intuitive introverts out there who want to “do your own thing,” and do it “in your own way.”

INFJ’s make fantastic entrepreneurs for several different reasons, three of which I’ve explained below. If you’re ready to take control of your life and start doing what you love, read on to understand why choosing entrepreneurship as a career is not only something you’ll love, but is also something you’ll THRIVE at!

Here’s why….

1. As an entrepreneur, the INFJ is able to do various meaningful things- all of which they get to choose.


Entrepreneurship is a FANTASTIC option for you INFJ’s out there because you get to choose what you focus on. And when work takes up a majority of your life, that’s extremely important! It’s important to choose something you’ll be happy with- something that’s meaningful and satisfies your need to help and connect.

Some INFJ’s are perfectly fine with sticking to one very meaningful career…and thank goodness for that! We need INFJ’s who can do all sorts of things- from social work to counseling to wedding planning!

BUT the career you end up choosing does need to be meaningful or you’ll most likely end up pretty unsatisfied. INFJ’s have a unique and wonderful desire to help people in life-changing ways, so if you’re in a job that isn’t allowing you to do that, you might end up feeling as though you’re not reaching your full potential- which will really start to bum you out.

2. As an entrepreneur, the INFJ is able to make their own rules.

As an INFJ, you have deeply held values and principles that you’re not afraid to stand up for. Having to obey other’s rules- ones that may not sit well with you or don’t seem necessary, can be very stifling. For example, it might not sit well with you if they’r’e encouraged to use sales tactics, manipulation, or dishonesty to develop a business.

I recently saw a pin that explained the INFJ’s relationship with rules perfectly (in my opinion). I’m not sure if it’s accurate for all of the other types, but take a look at what it says for the INFJ.

“These rules are not benefiting me. I’m making up my own rules,” gave me a good laugh because it’s so incredibly true! INFJ’s are one of the most logical types out of the “feeling” types.

It’s very important for things to “make sense” to the INFJ. If something doesn’t quite fit, seems off, or simply doesn’t make sense, than they aren’t going to prioritize it or make it a part of their life. They’ll end up making up their own rules for themselves (aka: strong values) or only following the rules that do make sense to them.

For example, at my last job I was told that I needed to follow customers around as they looked around our store (a flooring store). This didn’t make sense to me because that’s the absolute last thing I want an employee to do to me when I’m walking around a store. The majority of customers I followed around would seem annoyed and bothered by me following them, but I continued to do it because I knew I’d get in trouble if I didn’t follow the rule.

You’ve probably experienced something similar to this that really frustrated you. And when nobody seems to understand your outlook, you’ve probably felt as though you’re the only one (or one of the few) that is seeing things clearly.

Although this wasn’t a HUGE deal to me, these types of little things always add up and can lead to a lot of dissatisfaction for the INFJ.

But this whole “following the rules” thing really comes down to a much deeper characteristic of the INFJ, which is the INFJ’s need for independence. They crave it, and furthermore, they THRIVE on it.

INFJ’s are creative, motivated, and disciplined, especially when it comes to doing something they’re passionate about. So, why should they be stuck in an office having someone watching over their shoulder and giving them strict guidelines?

They’re hard workers who should use their passionate, creative, and altruistic abilities to change the world.

3. As an entrepreneur, the INFJ is able to express their creativity fully.

INFJ’s value creativity and free expression and will feel extremely suppressed in an environment where they’re doing work that isn’t allowing them the freedom to create, come up with new innovative ideas, and express themselves fully.

I, personally, can’t even put into words how exhilarating and freeing it’s been to be able to start this blog. I’ve been able to create, write, express myself, AND help others! Have I come up with a gazillion different ideas and had to scratch a gazillion minus ten of them? Yes. But I’ve actually loved doing that. I’ve loved all the planning and brainstorming and perhaps, most of all, the thrill of knowing that I can do whatever I want with my little business.

As an INFJ, you have “a vivid imagination and a strong sense of compassion,” so you’re able to come up with solutions to people’s problems in ways that most people aren’t.

As a creative entrepreneur, the INFJ is able to use their imagination and compassionate nature to the best of their abilities. This allows them the freedom to grow and make a difference in the world in ways they might not otherwise be able to.


You might be thinking, well this is all fine and dandy, but what should I be doing instead of my current job and how do I get started?

First of all, quitting a job is no simple matter and shouldn’t be taken lightly. But if you’re truly unhappy with the job you have now, it may be time to consider eventually starting your own business.

If you don’t have the funds to do that right now, your pursuits might need to start as a side hustle.

Or maybe you do find enough meaning in your current career to continue it but feel as though a creative and meaningful side hustle will give your life some more meaning and purpose.

If you’ve been feeling like you need to pursue something in particular that’s important to you, than I say GO FOR IT! Don’t waste too much time pining away wishing you were doing something you were meant to do- something you were born to do.

Whatever you decide, the choice is up to you and you’re capable of weighing out the pro’s and con’s and figuring out what you should do. (How do I know that? Because you’re an INFJ, so you have a wise and capable and intuitive brain!)


Stay tuned for this upcoming weeks post about how to start your creative entrepreneur side hustle or full time gig. It’ll be geared towards INFJ’s, so you won’t want to miss out on it!

In the meantime, Check out these jobs that are great fits for an INFJ.

If you’re considering entrepreneurship:

  • life coach
  • blogger (there are ways to make money blogging about whatever you’re passionate about, which I’ll be going over in my next blog post)
  • freelance graphic designer
  • freelance writer
  • web designer
  • author (of your own book)
  • spiritual guide
  • photographer
  • artist
  • financial advisor
  • animator
  • interior designer
  • landscaping business
  • hairdresser
  • Etsy or Creative Market shop owner (where you can sell your own crafts and downloadable prints, fonts, etc.)
  • dog walking business owner
  • cleaning business owner
  • pet sitting business owner
  • greeting card business owner
  • career counselor
  • charity or non-profit startup owner

Other jobs that the INFJ will find meaning in:

  • social worker
  • counselor
  • doctor
  • teacher
  • psychologist
  • employee for a non-profit
  • librarian