As mentioned in my last post, 3 Reasons Entrepreneurship is a Great Option for INFJ’s, I’m fulfilling my promise to you to share some fantastic ways that creative introverts can earn an income!

As a creative introvert, the words, “work from home,” sound like music to me ears! But they also sound like an impossible unachievable goal. I mean, who really gets lucky enough to earn a living from home- especially doing something they actually love doing? Something creative…something they’re passionate about. It just doesn’t sound realistic, right?

But I’m here to tell you that it can be done! And truth be told, there’s no one more qualified or capable of doing it than the creative, sensitive introverts in the world.

In fact, almost all INFJ’s (along with other introverted creative types), introverts, and highly sensitive people have a creative and intuitive nature that they should take advantage of! They have a knack for perceiving the needs of others, including what people will be interested in. They’re also passionate, hardworking, self-disciplined individuals, which are some of the key characteristics necessary for starting a successful business!




As mentioned in my last post, many vocations feel suppressing and draining to introverts. They’re not always allowed the creative freedom they so desperately need and thrive on. As an entrepreneur, they’re able to make their own schedules, do what they’re truly passionate about, make a difference in the world, and perhaps, most importantly, they’re able to work alone, which many introverts find crucial to getting a job done well.

Now, don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying that every introvert will be miserable in a career that they haven’t started themselves. Many find great joy and fulfillment in careers outside the home, but finding a job that and introvert loves and finds meaning in can be tough, which is why many find great satisfaction as entrepreneurs.

Whether you’re wanting to quit your 9-5 job and start your own business or you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash on the side, there are numerous fantastic creative ways that you can earn a full-on income or some extra cash!




But first of all, I just want to state the importance of being willing to keep learning, developing new skills, and honing in on the skills you already have.

Just because you’re creative and passionate, doesn’t mean you have all of the skills you need to earn a living. To make a living doing what you love, you also need a basic knowledge of business strategies and you’ve got to continue developing the creative skills that you already have. It’s important to continue developing and advancing your artistic abilities as technology advances and trends change!

When I started my business, I thought that because I’m passionate, hardworking, and creative, it would all be a piece of cake. The truth is, I’ve had to learn a million zillion new skills in order to get where I am now. And I’ll have to continue learning new skills if I want to progress and increase my income!


I’ve been obsessed with Brit+Co for a LONG time, so I’m thrilled that I’ve recently been given the opportunity to work with them! Brit+Co is an organization that encourges women everywhere to create new things, accomplish their goals, and celebrate life!

I’m especially delighted that I’m able to share the new classes they’re offering with all of you! They just started offering heaps of classes that help creative entrepreneurs learn awesome new skills that can help them earn money!

Although there are books and blogs that teach people these skills, these videos are extra beneficial because they’re entertaining and you can follow along with the teacher as they go. Each teacher also provides worksheets for you to fill out throughout the process. The classes are very personal and informative.

Taking even just ONE of these classes will help you learn a skill that’s currently in high demand, so that you can start earning an income right away! 

So without further ado, I’m going to go over my favorite classes that they offer and give a little spiel about why I love each one! I’ve tried quite a few of these classes out and have absolutely LOVED them.

I’m also excited to let you know that I have a code for you to use that will get you 15% off your first purchase!

Click on the links below to be taken directly to your course signup and then use the code HEYTHERE15 to get 15% off your purchase!


1. Build Your Digital Brand

If you’ve been following me on Instagram or have read any of my other blog posts, you’ll know that I absolutely love Caroline Winegeart’s art, so I was delighted to see that she taught a course for Brit+Co! If you’re thinking about starting your own website or blog (which is pretty crucial if you want to sell products), than this course is the perfect way to learn an abundance of business strategy skills in an easy-to-understand manner. She goes over creating a brand mission, finding your primary audience, picking a business name, making a logo, choosing a website platform, and promoting your content. This was the first course that I took and I was SO impressed with it. It exceeded my expectations and made me look forward to taking even more Brit+Co courses!

What you’ll need for the class: Just yourself! Caroline gives you a free workbook to download, so you’re all set to go!


Build Your Digital Brand Online Class

2. Digital Illustration In Adobe Illustrator

I absolutely LOVED this class! I recently started using Adobe Illustrator (which you can download a free trial of here) but am definitely not a pro at it and have always wondered how people make the beautiful illustrations, greeting cards, and prints that I see all over Pinterest. This class not only helped me learn to sketch, but it also helped me learn some of the basics of using Adobe Illustrator! If you’re already a great artist, this class will help you digitize your artwork. If you’re creative but have no clue how to sketch or do any of this Adobe Illustrator stuff, this class is great for you as well because it teaches you to do both!

What you’ll need for the class: Just a laptop with Adobe Illustrator downloaded on it, which you can download for free (the free trial). Becky gives you the other files (free files) that you’ll need throughout the course!


Digital Illustration In Adobe Illustrator Online Class

3. Lettering Lover Bundle

Lettering Lover Bundle – $87.00
Save 30% on three of our most popular lettering classes!


This is a bundle of Brit+Co’s top three lettering classes, Calligraphy 101, Intro to Chalk Lettering, and Fauxligraphy: Pen Calligraphy. It’s currently 30% off (plus you’ll get the 15% discount), so it’s a total steal! By the end of the classes, you’ll be able to create beautiful signs, invitations, greeting cards, prints, and more!


Lettering Lover Bundle


4. Design Your Own Font

You’re probably aware that you can get paid BIG BUCKS for selling hand designed fonts. Just take a look at Creative Market. Hand designed fonts are all the rage right now! This is a highly profitable skill that you can turn into a booming business!

What you’ll need for this class: All you’ll need is Adobe Illustrator, the Robofont app, and the Genuis Scan app.


Lettering Lover Bundle

5. Brush Pen Calligraphy Workshop

Brush lettering is another profitable skill to have. If you know how to do brush lettering, you can sell greeting cards, prints, logos, designs, etc. The options are endless! I loved this class because the teacher, Sharisse, was actually in front of a class full of students during the filming, so it felt more like a workshop. I love all of the classes, but this was a nice little change! If you’re wanting to learn this skill, I highly reccomend taking Sharisse’s class!

What you’ll need for this class: All you need for this class is a set of brush pens. You can find the best price for these by clicking on the sign up button below!


Lettering Lover Bundle

6. Creative Designer Bundle

Creative Designer Bundle – $117.00
Save 30% on three of our most popular design classes!


This bundle is currently 30% off, so it’s only $82 right now, which is a FANTASTIC deal because you get to take three of Brit+Co’s most popular design classes! The classes offered are absolute necessities for anyone who wants to do freelance work. I’ve seen similar classes priced at up to $600, so I was shocked that I could learn all of the basics of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Indesign for such a great price!

All three classes were amazing and I really felt like I got the hang of these Adobe programs after finishing the courses up. Guys, people go to college and spend thousands of dollars to learn a lot of the stuff you can learn from these fantastic courses! I highly recommend this bundle! Also, they give you a student perk discount once you sign up for the bundle, so that you can get all of the adobe programs at a huge discount (or you can just try them for free like I did at first).

What you can make with the skills you learn from this bundle:

  • wedding invitations
  • logos
  • brochures
  • e-books
  • stock photography
  • cards
  • & so much more!

Creative Design Bundle

7. iPad Lettering

This was one of my very favorite classes because lettering is in such high demand right now and all you need to learn this skill is an iPad! I’ve tried learning how to use procreate in the past and failed miserably…but after taking this class I feel like I’ve got it down! I highly recommend this course to anyone out there who has an iPad and wants to learn how to do lettering. There are so many things you can sell if you know how to letter, such as printed t-shirts, logos, prints, signs, and cards!

What you need for this class: You just need an iPad, an Apple pen, and the Procreate app!


Creative Design Bundle

8. How To Boost Your Productivity

Okay, I seriously LOVED this class. As much as I want to think I have my life together, sometimes I’m a total scatterbrain. This class really helped me see how important time management is for running a business (and just for life in general). By implementing these awesome time management skills that you’re taught in the course, you’ll be able to get SO much more done and truly make your “dreams become a reality.” I was really impressed with this teacher. She wasn’t cheesy at all- just very straight forward and full of great advice that I hadn’t heard of before! She also gives you a 12-page workbook that you’re able to print out and use even after the class ends. I love my workbook and am going to continue using it for years to come.

What you need for this class: All you need is yourself! Maxie provides you with the 12-page workbook!


Creative Design Bundle


Intro To Floral Illustration – $29.00
Turn your favorite plants and flowers into lovely illustrations.

Quick-Start Classes Bundle – $87.00
Little or no extra supplies needed to start a creative project today!

Intro To Character Illustration – $39.00
Learn how to create whimsical characters from a Disney animator!

Logo Design In Adobe Illustrator Online Class – $39.00
Create a unique logo design from scratch and learn how to digitize it in Adobe Illustrator.

Intro To Knitting – $29.00
Learn how to make a matching infinity scarf and beanie. Plus, get access to exclusive knitting patterns!

Bounce Lettering Basics Online Class – $29.00
Take your lettering up a notch with this fun, quirky lettering style!

Lettering For Lefties – $29.00
The smudging stops here! Lefties can have flawless hand-lettering, too!

Vintage Sign Lettering – $29.00
Learn how to create a design that has a vintage sign vibe!

Mobile Product Photography For Your Online Store – $39.00
Learn how to take awesome product photography with just your phone!

Phone Photography Basics Online Class – $29.00
No fancy equipment required! Learn how to finally take beautiful photos with just your phone.

Create Pro Videos With Just Your iPhone – $39.00
Shoot and edit video of family and friends in ways that go WAY beyond Snapchat!

Jewelry Making and Metalworking Online Class – $9.00
Learn how to work with metalsmithing tools to forge and design your own jewelry.