There are a million gazillion trillion articles on Pinterest all stating that they have the one and only way for you to earn money from your blog…and here I am writing yet another one of them! How silly of me (but not really). Because here’s the difference between mine and theirs. I’m going to be COMPLETELY honest about what’s actually worked for me. I’m not going to share resources with you that I’ll earn a commission from or that I’ll get $5 from for referring you. I’m just gonna be 100% truthful. Cool? Okay, cool. Then let’s get started!

First, I just want to go over a few ways you can improve your blog in order to be able to earn money from the resources that I’ll share with you later in this post. If you want to earn money from your blog, you’re going to need to take an honest look at your blog and see what you could improve.

Take an Honest Look at Your Blog

1. Is the design clean and simple?

2. Are your readers going to know how to find their way around your blog? Is your navigation bar cluttered or are there only a few clear options for your readers, making it easier for them to know what to do? (A simple navigation bar looks much less messy.)

3. Are your pictures clear and do they fit in with your brand?

4. Do you have a brand? Brand colors? A theme that you use across your blogs and social network sites? A clear vision for your blog and social sites?

5. Are your blog titles catchy?

6. Are you sticking to 1-3 easy-to-read fonts throughout your blog? (Make sure there are no fancy script fonts for your blog post fonts.)

Here’s a really great post that goes into more detail about how you can improve the overall look of your blog.

Now It’s Time to Start Earning!

1. Fresh Press Media: This is one of my favorite influencer programs! It’s completely free and anyone can sign up for it. Right away you can earn $2 just by posting about Fresh Press Media on Twitter and there are tons of other opportunities from different companies that you can bid for. The companies list the requirements for the opportunity (it’s usually pretty flexible) and then you bid how much you want them to pay you for that opportunity. I just signed up for it and I’ve already been accepted to two opportunities! I highly recommend signing up as an Influencer for this site!

2. Tomoson: This site is where I’ve earned most of my income the past couple of months! This is another site where you bid for opportunities to promote products on your blog and social sites. I believe you’re instantly accepted into the program but I can’t remember or find the email that says I was accepted…I’m pretty sure anyone can sign up but don’t quote me on that! There are a TON of awesome products that you can sign up to promote. You can promote to simply get free products or bid on sponsored opportunities. There are also a lot of great deals on there if you ever want to get a huge discount on something that you’d normally want to buy anyways.

3. Shareasale: I didn’t like this program at first because I wasn’t making any money at all from it but then I slowly started seeing the money build up over time. You get what you put into this program, so if you work hard, you actually can earn quite a bit! And there are great affiliate programs to sign up for. Pretty much any company you can think of is on here! It makes it a lot easier to promote a product you love and know, so that’s one reason I really love Shareasale.

4. Google Adsense: If you’ve had your blog up and running for a couple of months, it might be a good time to apply to Google Adsense! Google Adsense pays you to put ads up on your site. They’re pretty picky about which blogs they accept, but if you go over the criteria that I mentioned at the beginning of this post, you should be accepted. If you’re not, there are other great ad networks that are easier to apply to, such as Shareaholics ad network, like and Infolinks.

5. Ibotta: If you have any sort of social/blog following at all, you should definitely be promoting Ibotta! First of all, it’s just a really great app that everyone should know about. I’ve saved $41.50 the past couple of months from using it (excluding money I’ve earned from refferal links) and I wasn’t even trying to save as much as I could have. It’s a great way to save on the groceries that you’re already having to buy! And you can also earn $5 for every person you refer that signs up. Oh, AND you get $10 right away when you sign up. Crazy, right!? Ibotta is a great way to earn.

6. IZEAThis one has quickly become my favorite program because I’ve earned the most from it, it’s easy to use, and the opportunities on here are great. I highly recommend IZEA!

7. I absolutely love! I only recently started using it but have already connected with a few different brands and will be collaborating with them soon. You don’t need to be accepted to this one, so anyone can join and it’s super simple to use! I highly recommend this one!

8. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is promoting a companies product and being paid for each customer that you refer that ends up buying their product or at least clicking on their ad. I tried to use Shareasale to do affiliate marketing without much luck, so I’ve decided to stick to the method that has worked best for me. It’s worked best for me to reach out to companies that fit my niche and ask them if I can become an affiliate for them. I only ask companies that I love and know my audience would love as well, so that I’m not selling a whole bunch of random rubbish on my site!

I advise you to reach out politely to companies that you love and introduce yourself, compliment their company, tell them why they’d benefit from working with you, and then tell them how much you require in payment (either in the form of a media kit or you can simply just tell them your pricing.) This usually goes over well, but don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t! Everyone gets rejected from time to time. Just get back out there and keep reaching out to other companies!

Sites that I’m not as fond of:

These are sites that I’ve tried using without much success, but I do think I need to give a few of them more of a fair chance. I’d love to hear if these sites have worked for you in the comments below! 

  • Massive Sway
  • Awin
  • Valued Voice

FREE Multiple Source Income Tracker

And don’t forget your FREE multiple source income tracker from the Blissful Life Library! It’s important to keep track of where all of your income is coming in from so that you don’t lose track or forget about getting your payments from certain sites. Plus, it just feels good to have everything organized and written down. I hope you enjoy!