I wholeheartedly believe in the validity of the MBTI. I’ve heard the criticism, but I just don’t buy into it. I’ve seen so many people take this test and they’re all incredibly surprised by how accurate the results are- even down to the most detailed things, like the way they plan a trip and how they behaved in school.

The only criticism I’ve heard for the MBTI is that it’s easy to answer in the way you want to be perceived instead of the way you actually are (which would obviously throw off your results)… and that people can’t be defined by 4 little letters. That’s why I truly believe that it’s accurate as long as you’re honest about who you really are (not who you want to be) while taking it and if you recognize that it’s so much more than 4 little letters. In fact, I did an entire post about the 8 different functions that you can read about! When it comes to personality tests, I definitely think that the MBTI is the most detailed and accurate.

While I think it’s the most accurate test out there, I’ve only taken the 16personalities version of the test. There are plenty of different MBTI tests, but this one’s definitely the most popular one (and probably the one you’ve taken). According to their website, exactly 110,733,127 people have taken their test so far. That’s a WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE.

I can’t say I trust the rest of the MBTI tests because I haven’t tried them yet. That’s why I decided to do a little experiment and test 5 different free MBTI tests out to see if I get the same results for all of them! If you’re thinking I’m going to have a bias and therefore this experiment is bogus, I already beat you to the punch! That’s why I’m setting a few rules for myself.


I’ve clearly accepted that I’m an INFJ and feel as though it’s a big part of my identity now. So, obviously, it’s going to be hard to not be biased while taking these other tests… BUT I really want to be completely 100% honest while answering the questions and try not to answer them in a way that I think an “INFJ” would answer them. I’m going to be completely honest about how I think, feel, and act and not answer them in a way that reflects how I want to think, feel, and act. 


1. 16personalities: I’ve taken this test probably a dozen times. I’ve even taken it in when I’m in various different moods just to make sure I get the same result. I’ve taken it when I’ve been raging mad, PMSing, on cloud nine, and when I’ve been anxious. I’ve ALWAYS gotten INFJ, no matter how different I think I’m answering the questions depending on my mood. (I just screenshotted a picture of this screen and didn’t retake the test again because I already took it when I first posted this blog post… but after switching from Squarespace to WordPress recently, I lost all the pictures on my site and have had to replace them. I couldn’t find the original screenshot that I took, but I promise I recently retook this!)

2. Personality Perfect: I was a little scared to see the results for this test. I, of course, didn’t want to get anything other than INFJ, but I accepted that I probably wouldn’t get INFJ since there were only a few questions and they were all so different than the 16personalities test.

BUT GUESS WHAT! The results are in and I got INFJ. I really didn’t think they’d type me as that. Holy moly!

3. Jung Typology Test: This test was strange. I found myself wanting to answer “uncertain” for a large majority of the questions. They were definitely difficult to answer. I felt like I was DEFINITELY not going to get INFJ this time since the answers were even more odd and random than the previous test. But lo and behold, I got INFJ AGAIN. I was so surprised! Especially since INFJ is the rarest personality type. I have no clue how I got it for all three tests I’ve taken so far.

4. My Personality Test: I really liked this test! It had a slider scale that I had to slide to “agree” or “disagree” and the questions were pretty simple. There were around 100 questions and they reminded me most of the 16personalities questions. Although I probably liked this test best, I’m super curious about how I got INFP, since I kept answering that I’m organized… but if INFP’s can be organized but are more open-minded about things, I can see how this might be correct. I’ve always wondered if I’m an INFP instead of an INFJ, but I still think I’m an INFJ since I got that on the rest of the tests.

5. Truity: I really liked this test, as well! I feel like it had questions that made sense and weren’t super repetitive. I got INFJ on this one, so I got INFJ for 3/4 of the tests!


I would love to hear what your results are for these tests in the comments below! Do you think you’re going to get the same results for all 5? Or do you think you’re going to get completely different results like I thought I was going to? I’d love for you to participate in this little experiment!

What were your results?

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