I’ve always been obsessed with all things papery and cutesy. When I walk into Target, I head straight for the dollar section paper goods (those cute little notepads and post-it-notes that nobody really needs more of are my FAVE). You can also find me in the planner section trying to convince myself that I don’t need another planner when I already have one for the current year. I can’t help that I just love staying organized!

One thing I really love staying organized with are free printable planner pages, which is why I started making my own pages and offering them to you guys! It’s been a little tricky to create them since Connor and I didn’t have our own printer. I was taking trip after trip to the library to see if they looked right printed out.

Fortunately, we finally got our first printer (yes, we’re #adulting hardcore these days) and I’m SO thrilled about it! No more running to the library to print things for me! Those days are dead and gone. But now I’ve got a whole other issue. I think I’ve become a printing addict. I’ve become absolutely obsessed with printing all the free printables I can find… from art prints to bookmarks to planner pages. So, I thought I’d do a little roundup of the ones I absolutely love so that you can become an addict like me (yay!)

These printables are all FREE (which is so generous of these creative biz owners to offer), but each site has amazing products that you can buy, as well!

So, let’s get started!

1. Sarah Hearts (Various Kinds of Printables)

Sarah Hearts has so many creative unique printables! If you’re wanting to decorate your office space, there’s a lot of cute prints and banners like the ones shown above. There’s also cards, holiday-themed party decorations, planner stickers, and so much more! I’m wildly impressed with Sarah Hearts!

2. Day Designer Planner Page Printables

Day Designer planners have always been my favorite, so I was happy to see that they also offer free printables. These are my absolute favorite planner printables (besides mine, of course!) They’re all free and range from Date Night Bucket Lists and Intentional Living Worksheets to daily/weekly/monthly planner pages. I love how they’re clean and simple, convenient, and easy to write on (thick enough lines).

3. Printable Happies (Various Kinds of Printables)

I’m so glad I stumbled on Printable Happies on Instagram! There’s the most adorable prints, coloring pages, and recipe cards on there that you can get for free if you sign up for their mailing list. You can also get 20% off your first purchase of a variety of mugs, t-shirts, journals, etc.

4. The Anastasia Co (Various Kinds of Printables)

The Anastasia Co offers a variety of printables, from planner pages to Valentines note cards! I made sure to snag all of them because they’re all so creative and well-made!

5. Lovely Indeed (Art Prints & Calendars)

Even if you’re not looking for printables, you just HAVE to check out Lovely Indeed. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a cuter blog. I’m OBSESSED. There’s also a bunch of art prints, postcards, and calendars that are to die for on her site. I’m a huge fan of Lovely Indeed now!

6. Make + Tell (Wall Prints, Cards, & Stationary)

Make + Tell is so stinkin’ cute! There’s a wide variety of printables and downloads on this site that are all so cute, but I especially love the stickers. I recently purchased these blank sticker pages from Amazon, so that I can print out adorable free planner stickers like these! How fun!

7. Think Make Share (Various Kinds of Printables & Downloads)

This site is CHOCK FULL of amazing content and fun printables. I downloaded the desktop wallpapers right away because they’re so bright and happy! You’ll love Think Make Share!

8. The House that Lars Built (Various Kinds of Printables)

The House that Lars Built is full of the most random and wonderful printables that you never even knew you needed but will be so glad to have found. From printable flower crowns to bingo cards to bookmarks to cootie catchers, you’ll feel like you’ve stumbled on a goldmine!

9. Gathering Beauty (Various Kinds of Printables)

Gathering Beauty is very bright, clean, and fun! It offers amazing free notepads, coloring pages, art prints, cards, and more! I don’t even know where to start on Gathering Beauty because there are so many goodies to print and download!

10. Archer and Olive (Various Kinds of Printables)

Archer and Oliver has a whole collection of freebies they’ve offered for “Freebie Friday” that you’ll fall in love with! They’re a pretty popular brand, so I was surprised, but thrilled, that they offer so many products for free. They’re calendars, recipe cards, and prints are incredibly beautiful!

Well, that’s it for today! I’ll be doing more of these kinds of posts in the future because I love letting you guys in on the awesome resources I find! What’re some of your favorite websites for freebies? And which website that I recommended do you like best? Let me know in the comments below!