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As someone who struggles with anxiety/depression AND has every symptom known to man when I’m PMSing (literally, every symptom- just ask my mom or husband), using Pamprin and partnering up with them for this positivity challenge has been a major life-changer!

We all have those days when everything (literally everything) feels like an uphill battle- from your toothpaste falling off your toothbrush to your husband (or mom or roommate or whoever) saying “The kitchen is a mess,” and you taking it as a personal attack. Sometimes the days turn into weeks. Sometimes the weeks even turn into months. No one is exempt from the negativity trap (which I might add, is sometimes a case of something more serious, like depression/anxiety, which you should talk to someone about because being in that kind of rut is not your fault).

Now I’m not saying being in a rut is your fault even if you don’t have anxiety/depression. It’s part of being human, but another part of being human is picking ourselves up after we fall! That’s the hard part for me because I’m a HUGE idealist. My personality test results (INFJ) declare in bold print that I’m “defined by my pursuit of ideals.” Truth is, most of us are! We want things to go smoothly, work out well, and be easy. When things get overwhelming and aren’t ideal, it’s easy to start thinking negatively- to start thinking that our lives are doomed and won’t ever improve.

The Whirlpool of Negativity

When we start thinking negatively, it’s kind of like back in the days when you created a whirlpool with your friends. You think one negative thought and the whirlpool starts swirling. Add a few more people (or negative thoughts) into the mix, all going in the same direction… and you’ve got a pool of negative thoughts swirling around that’s going to be hard to turn around. The earlier you stop those negative thoughts in their tracks, the easier it will be to change their direction. But don’t worry, just like you can change the direction of a whirlpool, you can always change the direction of your thoughts, no matter how negative they’ve become!

Whether you’re PMSing, just lost your job, are grieving a loss, were disowned by your entire family, just had a major breakup, or are simply in a negative rut for no particular reason, the power of positive thinking is truly POWERFUL. One positive thought can greatly decrease the strength of that negative whirlwind and start its own positive one. Isn’t it crazy how our brains work? And how much control we actually have over them? It blows my mind!

How Pamprin Promotes Positivity

That’s why I’m thrilled (x 10000) to be able to partner up with Pamprin for their positivity challenge! With my periods always being a MASSIVE negativity whirlwind (more like a tornado) for me, Pamprin has been a literal lifesaver. I have all the bad things on my period from cramps and backaches to anger outbursts that would scare even the toughest gangsta’ on the street.

Pamprin not only helps me with my physical symptoms but emotional ones as well! (TBH I didn’t even know there was a PMS pill that helped with the emotional symptoms until I heard about Pamprin, so HALLELUJAH for them actually taking our mental health into consideration, as well.) Pamprin Multi-Symptom contains three active ingredients: an antihistamine to relieve irritability, a diuretic to fight against bloating and water weight gain, and a pain reliever to alleviate cramps, headaches, backaches, etc.

I also love that the Pamprin Multi-Symptom (pink box) pills have caffeine in them because it’s no fun to take a pill that makes you drowsy (unless you don’t need to stay awake).

Change Your Life with the Positivity Challenge

Pamprin is also a HUGE advocate for every-day positivity, which is why they created a 21-Day Guide to Positively Powerful Thinking that I’m SO excited to share with you guys! I’ve used some of these methods before but I love having them organized onto a little notecard that I can look at throughout the week. I also love the idea of a 21-day challenge since habits take 3 weeks to form!

I appreciate this positivity challenge because it can be so difficult to think of specific ways to be positive each day. Having a general idea of how you want to improve your life is great, but having a plan is WAY more effective! I plan on continuing this challenge long after my 21 days are up because it’s incredibly important to be intentional about implementing positivity into each and every day.

I really hope you’ll join me in this challenge, so make sure you grab this free printable positivity notecard! Keep your notecard on your bathroom mirror, desk, or anywhere else where you’ll see it throughout the day. You’ll be amazed at how much your life changes as you work on completing this challenge! To give you a little motivational boost, I’m going to let you in on what I’ve done each day to complete the challenge this past week!

Day 1: Start today w/ 3 positive self-affirmations.

I decided to write down and keep in mind the following affirmations.

  • “Regardless of how anyone else feels about me, I am going to choose to be happy and completely love myself today,”
  • “Confidence is not ‘They will like me.’ Confidence is, ‘I’ll be fine if they don’t.”
  • “Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others.”

A couple of mine are more like quotes than the regular self-affirmations, but I felt like I needed to read and keep in mind those specific quotes to help me stay positive. Choose a few self-affirmations or quotes that you can look at first thing in the morning. This will help you feel feel more uplifted and motivated throughout your day!

Day 2: Find positive company.

As you know (if you’ve been on my blog before), I’m a major introvert, which means I’m already pretty picky about who I choose to spend time with. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become even more aware about the fact that not everyone deserves my time and energy, especially people who are judgmental, manipulative, or who I’m not able to be completely myself with.

For Day 2, I made a list of people who I’m willing to spend more energy and time on and a list of people who I might still appreciate, but who I should probably spend less time on. It sounds bad, maybe even “selfish,” but we only have one life, so I’m choosing to not spend copious amounts of time on people who don’t bring out the best in me. That doesn’t mean I’m going to completely ignore those people, but it does mean that I’m divvying up my time more intentionally in order to make room for things, people, and experiences that bring more positivity into my life.

Are there people in your life who you could spend less time and energy on in order to spend more time on self-care, work, helping people, loving yourself, staying balanced, etc.?

Day 3: Make a list of things for which you’re grateful.

This is such an important one! Whenever I’m in a “rut,” I tend to think everything sucks, when in reality, there’s actually a lot to be grateful for! Simply noting what’s good about your life is a fantastic way to shift your mood from sad and “My life sucks,” to happy (or at least, happier) and “Oh, wow. My life is actually pretty good.” Regularly stating or writing down what your grateful for will give you an attitude of gratitude that will create a huge positive change in your life!

For Day 3, I wrote down 20 things I’m grateful for (which I’m actually going to make into a blog post soon!) Doing this gave me a better perspective on my life, which improved my overall mood drastically!

Day 4: Give yourself and others an “atta girl (boy”).

For Day 4, I wrote an encouraging card to someone who I think is doing a great job in life and I commented on a few blog posts that I found inspiring. I also wrote down a few more things I’d like to do to encourage people more that I’ll try to implement daily!

What could you do to be more of an encourager? Write down 3 things you could do and then GO DO THEM!

Day 5: Seek and you will find.

For day 5, I decided to go an entire day without complaining. That doesn’t sound like it would be hard, but IT IS. It was also VERY rewarding. As well as trying not to outwardly complain, I did my best to not inwardly complain. Sometimes we don’t count it as complaining if we’re just thinking negative thoughts, but our thoughts have just as much impact on our attitudes and perception of the world as our words do (if not more.) This was a powerful exercise that made me realize how often I complain. I had to stop myself quite frequently, but my day was 100x better because I was intentionally trying to only think positive thoughts.

Day 6: Find what brings you joy.

I love that the card says that unlike pleasure, we cultivate joy internally. I had to sit and think about that for a second! I know I often seek joy from external sources when I should be trying to seek it more from within through meditation, self-affirmations, my own validation, etc. I think joy can be experienced from external sources, as well, but it’s important to also seek it from within.

For Day 6, I meditated for 20 minutes, which left me feeling a lot more calm and present, and gave me a sense of joy I can’t get from watching Netflix or eating some fattening foods!

Day 7: Stop to smell the roses. Give one away.

I love that the card says, “Be present minded enough to give and receive life’s simple gifts.” Sometimes my husband and I get so wrapped up in our own projects and hobbies that we don’t serve each other in the ways we could. When I take time to appreciate life instead of just rushing through it, I’m more prone to show him and others how much I appreciate them by serving them.

Day 8: Hit “replay” and make it a habit.

I can’t wait to do this all over again! This challenge really has improved my life, so I hope you’ll give it a go as well! Let me know how it goes and what you choose to do each day to stay positive. I can’t wait to hear all about it!