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If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, you know how excited I was to receive my package of goodies from Suzanne Somers. I was like a little kid on Christmas when it arrived! And that’s simply because I LOVE high-quality organic beauty products.

Even though I was excited about receiving these products, I was slightly worried that they wouldn’t live up to my expectations or that they’d smell like old lady products or something. Fortunately, they all work and smell AMAZING.

Most importantly, they’ve really improved my confidence in myself. I know that sounds silly, but I often struggle with insecurity about my looks. I could tell you a whole list of things I wish I could improve about how I look, from the wrinkles on my forehead to my hair being really thin. We all have insecurities of some sort, so finding products that have made me feel more put together and pampered has been great.

I definitely don’t think I NEED these products (or any products… besides maybe a razor and a brush) to feel completely confident in myself, but sometimes products can give me a little extra boost when they’re high-quality and actually work. Using products that don’t actually work (and actually make my hair more greasy, or my skin more acne-prone) doesn’t help improve my confidence any more than eating 2 rolls of cookie dough makes me more fit.

Suzanne Organic products are cruelty-free and made with all-natural botanical extracts, enzymes, skin-nurturing antioxidants, and organic fruits and vegetables. Shea butter, jojoba, aloe, argan oil, grape fruit seed oil, bamboo powder, tapioca, rich mineral powders, and vitamins are just some of the ingredients included in these products. And that’s something you can really tell when you’re using them. They feel clean, toxic-free, and high-quality!

Because I love unboxing type posts, I’m going to go over each product I received in the order I took it out of the box and let you know how I liked it after using it for awhile. If you’re interested in purchasing any of these products, I have a special 20% off coupon for you to use. Just use code PRIMP20 to get 20% off your ENTIRE purchase!

The Nail Care Products

This was one of the things I was most excited for because I’ve been having some major problems with the nail polishes I’ve been using. They always chip so much, to the point that I’m scared to cook with nail polish on because the paint chips off into the food (I know, weird little fact about my life!), but seriously after 24 years of living, I hadn’t found any nail polish that actually worked well until trying out Suzanne Somers nail polish.

First of all, the collection of colors she offers are gorgeous. The white, grey and sparkly red ones are my all-time faves. Second of all, they’re to 10 toxin free, meaning they’re free of the top 10 toxins found in regular nail polishes. And third of all, they’re made with a formula that’s long lasting and chip-free. A lot of nail polishes say that they’re chip free, but end up chipping after half a days wear. Suzanne Somer’s nail polish is ACTUALLY long-lasting and chip free.

I’ve gone a solid week without getting a single chip! And that’s even with me biting my nails, ya’ll! I was even brave enough to make pizza dough without worrying about nail polish chips getting in the dough and that’s a MAJOR win for me!

I also really love the speed dry and protective top coat polishes. I get really impatient when my nails are drying, so I love how quickly the speed dry makes my nail polish dry!

The Hair Care Products

Suzanne Organics Hair Care uses cocoa butter cleansers to make it so you can gently and thoroughly clean your hair without leaving residue! They strengthen the hair shaft while enhancing elasticity for shinier, stronger, hydrated, more luscious hair. This is very apparent after just one wash! These hair care products are probably the thing that’s given me the biggest boost in my confidence. I’ve always had extremely thin, damaged, oily hair that doesn’t grow well at all. I’m so insecure about my hair that I always, always, always wear it up in a bun. Since I’ve started using Suzanne’s products, I’ve started wearing my hair down for the FIRST time in years. (And I’m not exaggerating about the years thing, guys- just ask anyone who personally knows me.)

I honestly can’t even believe it’s made me feel this much more confident about my hair… to the point that I’ve worn it down to the grocery store, when spending time with family, and out and about shopping. It leaves my hair super weightless, less oily than it’s ever been, and looking thicker than it’s EVER looked. I just keep looking at my hair in the mirror flabbergasted with how different it looks and feels. I will be raving about this product for the rest of my life- no joke! It’s really given me that confidence boost I desperately needed.

I also purchased a bottle of the Rescue Hair Mask and Volumizing Hair Elixir, which I’ve LOVED using, as well.

The Skin Care Products

I was also really excited about this skin care set because I have a lot of wrinkles on my forehead, not from old age but from laughing and stress, I believe. Or maybe just from the quizzical looks I give people, haha. I don’t know where they came from, but they’re there and they’ve really started to bother me.

This 3-piece set includes Liquid Oxygen Therapy, Ageless Serum, and Bioactive Moisturizer. The Liquid Oxygen Therapy is botanically loaded to provide extreme repair to stressed, aging skin. The Ageless Serum is botanically loaded with anti-aging ingredients (including African Birch and sea algae). These ingredients plump, firm, and restore elasticity to your skin. I’ve already noticed less wrinkles on my forehead since I’ve started using these two products! Then cue the Bioactive Moisturizer and you’re all set to go! This moisturizer has active ingredients like argan oil and sea buckhorn berry to stimulate your skin cellular turner to improve the appearance of your skin. I love that this moisturizer doesn’t dry out my skin or make it oily. And it really improves my overall complexion, which has also boosted my confidence.

The Health Products

RestoreLife Formulas Hair, Skin, and Nail Renew is packed with clinically studied nutrients that promote hair and nail growth and health and also help keep your skin healthy and young looking. I’ve found that some of the hair, skin, and nail vitamins are a little iffy, so I was happy to see that these vitamins are only full of the good stuff (nothing iffy about them at all!) I’ve been using them for about a week now, so I’m not sure if they’re working or if my skin, hair, and nails are just looking better because of the other awesome Suzanne Organics products I’ve been using but I do trust that these vitamins will work, since I’ve noticed GREAT drastic results from the rest of the products I’ve used.

Also, I was so impressed with the fact that as I added more items to my shopping cart, I was gifted with some free products, including a makeup bag and 2 more bottles of vitamins. I got the Calm Renew and Mood Renew vitamins, which my husband has been using the past week. He has undiagnosed anxiety/depression and hasn’t had time to go to the doctor about it yet, so I wanted him to try these to see if they’d help. We’ve both already noticed a huge difference in his anxiety levels and overall mood, which we’re super grateful for!

The Hair Blowout Products

So, I’ve actually been wanting to get a professional hair blowout for awhile now, so I was SO excited to see that Suzanne Organics offers an organic DIY hair blowout treatment for an affordable price. There’s 2 products for this blowout process- the Activating Serum and the Finishing Gloss.

The Activating Serum helps you eliminate frizz and restore and protect damaged hair. You use your blow dryer and straightener to infuse the nutrients into your hair shaft for stronger, healthier hair! I’ve been trying to use heat products less lately, so I’ve only done this process a couple of times so far, but I’ve really seen a difference in the amount of split ends and frizz I have. I use the Finishing Gloss after I’m done infusing the Activating Serum. The Finishing Serum locks in frizz protection and adds shine! I like to use it even when I don’t use heat on my hair because it makes my hair look better without making it oily, like other frizz-protection products have done.

A Question for You

Since I shared a few things I’m insecure about, I’d love to know something you’re insecure about pertaining to your looks! Would any of these products give you that extra boost of confidence you need? Let me know in the comments below!