Happy, happy, happy Earth Day my dear friends! Earth Day must have known we all needed a little “pick-me” up because I surprisingly woke up to a bright sunny room + 77 degree weather this morning! Spring has OFFICIALLY sprung and my heart couldn’t be any happier about it! (I probably shouldn’t say “officially” sprung since the weather just can’t make up its frickin’ mind these days- just watch… it’s probably going to snow again in 2 days).

BUT for now, I’ll soak up the sun and hope that spring is here to stay! Connor’s been working on a go-kart the past few weeks- one that he bought last spring that he never fully fixed up- and we were finally able to use it, so we’ve been riding around the neighborhood with huge smiles on our faces.

I swear, almost nothing makes me happier than riding a fast small automobile (four wheeler, go-kart, etc.). Thank goodness I married someone who loves those kinds of “toys” as well. Our future children are gonna be lucky little buggers who will have a lot of fun stuff to do on our property!

But with all the goodness that life is throwing my way lately, there’s also been some bad cause #lifeaintperfect. My excitement for our cruise + the actual cruise this past month really threw off my creative groove. I’d also been feeling rather frustrated with my Squarespace site. Although I LOVE Squarespace and have mostly fantastic things to say about it, it wasn’t providing me with the “feel” that I wanted for my site. And I felt like it was preventing me from reaching my full blogging potential.

Switching was a HARD decision to make and one that I didn’t take lightly. Since the moment I started using Squarespace, I loved it. It was comparable to the first time I got an Iphone after spending years using Blackberry and Android phones. Or switching to using a Mac after using a PC for years. Squarespace is user-friendly, simple, minimalist, and overall a great site to use. 

Oh, and let’s not forget that switching your site is a TOTAL hassle. I had a mental breakdown the moment I switched my domain name over to WordPress and bought the hosting + WordPress theme that I wanted because I knew there was no way I was turning back after doing that. The mental breakdown continued as I had a few hiccups as I exported, imported, and lost a few blog posts and comments.

You might be thinking, well then why in the world did you switch if you loved Squarespace and it’s such a hassle to switch!? Well, I’m about to let you in on the “why” behind my madness. 

Why I Switched from Squarespace to WordPress

1. I was feeling limited. 

Ya know how I mentioned that Squarespace could be compared to a Mac? Well, I think WordPress could be compared to a PC. It’s a little more difficult to use, but there’s a lot more you can do with it. 

There were specific things I wanted to do with my blog that I was having MAJOR troubles being able to do on Squarespace. There aren’t a whole lot of themes to choose from on Squarespace and the ones you do get to choose from aren’t very easy to manipulate into exactly what you want them to be without being a coding genuis. 

And I couldn’t even install themes from other sites (Etsy, Creative Market) that I liked better without paying for a pricier subscription. 

I felt stuck and frustrated.

2. I wasn’t getting the “feel” I wanted from my site.

I know, this sounds odd, but I really wasn’t getting the “feel” I wanted. My website felt cold and a little bit too minimilist for me. I love minimilist design (hence why my site still has a bit of that feel) but it was a little too cold for me.

As I’ve grown and become more aware of what I want to do with my blog, the way my blog felt and looked had to change, as well. 

I want my blog to be a place that feels like “home” to people- a place where they can come and feel like they’re a part of a community, a place where they can come to get inspiration and become motivated, a place where everyone feels welcome and accepted. 

That meant incorporating warmer colors, a warmer theme, and an overall different “feel” to my blog. As a sensitive person, I’m very aware of how things feel and the “vibes” places and spaces give off. I’m not completely done editing and fixing up my new site, but I already feel like it gives off a warmer “vibe” than my previous one. 

3. The endless amounts of ready-made templates are reason enough alone to switch.

While some people are probably nifty enough to transform their Squarespace site into exactly the site they want, I don’t have those #skillz yet. That’s why knowing that I have a large array of ready-made sites I can install at any time I see fit is comforting to me.

After scouring the web for hours in search of a template I could use on WordPress, I instantly fell in love with the template I’m currently using. There were very few things I even wanted to change about it and the things I did want to change were things the builder of the theme I purchased quickly helped me tweak! 

4. The wide variety of plugins make it easy to have a unique site.

When I first started using my WordPress site, I was so frustrated. I didn’t even know what a “Plugin” was, let alone why I would want to use them. I’ve quickly learned that plugins are a WONDERFUL tool that I was missing out on when I was using Squarespace. 

There are millions of FREE plugins you can install that do a plethora of things- from optimizing the SEO on your site to adding product sliders and countdowns to the sidebar of your site. HECK, you can even make your blog snow if you want to. These plugins make it so you can really make your site uniquely your own without having to know any coding at all. 

Do I Miss Squarespace?

I can’t lie and say that I don’t sometimes miss Squarespace a little bit, but I miss it FAR less than I thought I was going to. I’m already getting used to WordPress more quickly than I thought I would and appreciating all the limitless possibilities it offers. 

Also, after installing Elementor, a page builder for WordPress, I feel even better about my decision to switch. Elementor allows you to do all the same things as Squarespace did, and more. You can drag, drop, add “HTML” blocks, pictures side by side, and all that jazz. 

Overall, I’m glad I made the switch and don’t think I’ll be heading back over to Squarespace anytime soon. If you’ve made the switch (whether from WordPress to Squarespace or vise versa), what are your thoughts on switching? Are you glad you did? What are the pro’s and con’s of both sites for you? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below!