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Until a couple of years ago, I could have cared less about my skin and nails. For me, shopping for skincare products looked like going to Walmart and grabbing whichever products were cheapest but still smelled good. Back then, I also had A LOT of acne, nails that looked like a 90-year-old grandpa’s (okay, maybe not that bad), and dry itchy skin that was just aching for anything but another $2 product to save it.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that in order to feel good about my skin and nails (and not just in how they “look” but in how they feel, as well), I’ve got to test new products to see what works for me. And often times spend more than a couple of bucks. I feel like I have such a great skin and nail care routine now, that I just wish I’d found these products sooner! I’m feeling on top of my game lately: moisturized, acne-free, and finally ready to take a million pictures with my hands showing (no more grandpa hands!)

I thought I’d share some of the products I’ve searched long and hard for (ones that actually work!) so that you can start feeling and looking your best, as well! Enjoy!

My All-Time Favorite Skin & Nail Care Products


I’ve tried quite a few face moisturizers and none of them has worked as well as this one! I’m pretty picky about what I put on my face. I don’t want to use anything that will lead to more breakouts. And I definitely don’t want to spend money on a product that isn’t really doing anything for me. So, I’ve been so pleased and pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of this product! It improves skin firmness, brightens and hydrates, evens skin tone, fills fine lines, diminishes wrinkles, stimulates collagen, and smooths skins texture. I love that it does all of this without leaving my skin feeling greasy like most other products have done.


I talked about Zapzyt in more depth in another blog post, but I love it so much that I just think everyone should know about it! I use the face wash in the shower every day and dab the acne treatment gel on any trouble spots I have. I haven’t had as much acne as I used to have since using this face wash, so I don’t have to use the acne treatment gel very often. But when I do have a zit pop up, it works so well that I often I think it’s too good to be true!

A lot of acne treatments I’ve used seem to only irritate my skin further. This product is water-based and doesn’t contain any alcohol, which is why it works so much better for my skin! I’m seriously in love with this face wash and acne treatment gel! I’ll be picking it up regularly on my trips to Walmart for the rest of my life!

Picture of Zapzyt Skin Care


I’ve been taking these the past year or so and have seen a vast improvement in my skin health and nail strength. I used to get acne quite a bit, especially when I was stressed out. I haven’t had nearly as much acne the past year or so (also because I’ve been using Zapzyt every day). These also give you a boost of energy! So basically, they energize you while improving your hair, skin, and nails. What more could a girl ask for!?


In the past, whenever I was on the search for a new nail polish, my “go-to” polishes were whichever ones were cheapest. I’ve always felt like as long as I like the color, I might as well get the cheapest brand. O.P.I was one of the more “expensive” drugstore brands, so I never gave it a try until I saw it at T.J Max recently.

I’ve been so impressed with it that I’ve committed myself to never purchase a cheap bottle of nail polish again! This one stays on so much better (even with my bad nail biting habit) and the color goes on thick, so I don’t have to do two coats. I find that whenever I have to do two coats, the polish chips and smudges and is just a total mess. Also, shoutout to T.J Max for selling really great brands for way cheaper! I got this normally $8 bottle for only $4.

Picture of Nail Polish


Because I bite my nails (and the skin around the sides of my nails), my cuticles have always been a mess. I’m also pretty bad at getting to the nail salon (and also don’t want to pay to go there when I can do the same thing from home). So, making sure I have some good products to DIY my nails is important to me! A few months ago, I found Sally Hansen’s Problem Cuticle Remover. It’s quickly become one of my favorite nail care products.

I put it on, around, and under my nails, massage it in, leave it on for 3-5 minutes, and then use a cuticle pusher (not sure what those are called) to push back my cuticles and get rid of any extra dead skin around my nails. This product really does work just as well as if you went to the salon to get it done! I wouldn’t be surprised if they used this exact same product there, haha.


I used to just buy whatever cheap body wash smelled good, but my skin was always very itchy and dry. I finally decided to purchase a slightly more expensive body wash that would be a lot more effective! This Equate Coconut Milk and Jasmine body wash is comparable to the Dove version and it’s drastically improved the softness of my skin. I barely ever have to itch anymore (that sounds silly, but I used to be really itchy when my skin was drier.) This is especially nice to use during summer months when your skin is more prone to drying out!