9 Must-Have Products for Introverts (All Under $30!)

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1. HOW TO BE YOURSELF– I know I’ve mentioned this book a million times, but it’s truly been so helpful for me as an introvert with social anxiety. The author makes a clear distinction between introversion and social anxiety and tells you how you can stay your introverted self while stepping out of your comfort zone to conquer social anxiety! It’s well written, fun to read, and very informative! I highly recommend to anyone who needs help caring less about what others think of them.

2. I’D RATHER BE READING RELAXED TEE-I seriously love Cents of Style’s basic tees. I’m all for that “relaxed” fit. And the slogan on this tee couldn’t be any more true for most of us introverts! I’m not one to buy slogan tees but when they’re comfy, can look cute with some high rise jeans or leggings, and have a #relatable statement on them, I can’t pass them up! Also, Cents of Style always offers free shipping on any size purchase. You can’t beat that!

3. ARIEL MUG– Isn’t this mug just the cutest!? I’m always a fan of a simple but cute mug with a relatable saying on it (maybe a little too much of a fan of them according to the state of my kitchen cupboard shelves).

4. CREATIVE ONLINE COURSE– I actually wrote an entire post on Brit + Co courses a few months ago because I’m such a huge fan of them! They have a course for anything and everything my introverted heart could handle- from how to crush it on Instagram (some of us introverts need a little help on there- it can be hard to self-promote), to art classes, and everything in between. This would be a great gift for someone else… or a little creative treat for yourself!

5. BAMBOO BATH CADDY– It’s no secret that I love myself a good bath (w/ Epsom salts + a good book). The only thing that ever bothers me about baths is the struggle of having to reach over the tub for things and having a mess of clutter on the side of the tub. This stylish caddy holds everything you need during your bath and makes it much more relaxing, simple, and enjoyable!

6. THE INTROVERT ACTIVITY BOOK– I absolutely adore this book. Marzi, author of Introvert Doodles, did a great job making this book insightful, fun, and stress-reliving! The book is full of fill-in-the-blank type activities that will get your creative juices flowing and also make you feel completely understood for the introvert you are (or your friend can feel this way if you’re giving this to them!)

7. KNOCK-OFF FITBIT– I recently got this knock-off fitness tracker after spending weeks debating if I should get this or a real Fitbit. I knew I needed something to keep me accountable, motivate me, and get me out of the house and on more walks. As an introvert (and especially as one who works from home), it’s easy for me to spend literal days in my house. Unfortunately, staying inside and not getting my body moving really takes a toll on my emotional/physical health, so I’m really glad I ended up getting this knock-off. It was less than 1/3 of the price of the real Fitbit and as far as I can tell it’s about the same! I have no complaints about it and can honestly say it’s really helped me so far!

8. AFFORDABLE BULLET JOURNAL– I recently started up bullet journaling again and have been absolutely loving it! In fact, it’s already almost time for me to purchase a new one! This one from Amazon has been on my radar since it has a couple more features than the $5 one I got at Michaels. I liked that one and may purchase it again but I’m excited to try this new one this time. I’ve done a pretty thorough search of all the bullet journals on Amazon and thought this one seemed like the best quality for the price!

9. COZY CACTUS WALL TAPESTRYSince introverts are home more than extroverts, they often care about the overall feel of their home quite a bit (at least, I know I do!) A cute tapestry is a perfect way to cozify your home (especially a rental home) on a budget. I found this super-cute cactus print one for a great price!

Author: Coral Allen

Just a passionate introvert with the desire to help you create a life you love and learn to love yourself for who you are.