Okay, I’ll admit it. I have a really hard time understanding- sometimes even respecting- extroverts. They often seem needy (which is the last thing I want to deal with) and the fact that they seem unable to enjoy their own company… just annoys me (infuriates me, concerns me, etc.). Not to mention, most of them think introverts actually want to be more extroverted, which couldn’t be further from the truth- at least for me. If I had to choose one group of people I understand less than anyone else, it would be extroverts. 

And that’s exactly why I’m writing this post. Because if I claim to be an understanding person (or at least a person trying to understand others better)- and a person who appreciates people for their differences- than it’s time for me to open up my heart and try to understand the one group of people I understand least! So today I’m going to be going on a journey (wow, I feel like I’m a contestant on The Bachelor) to discover what there is to appreciate about extroverts! 

8 Things I Appreciate About Extroverts

Extroverts Make it Easier For Me Leave the Party Early

I mean, what would happen if we ALL left the party early? Every party would be like 30 minutes long (okay, that actually sounds nice). But seriously, extroverts make it so I can leave the party once my energy is drained from socializing without causing a huge scene or offending the host of the party. 

Extroverts Talk More So That I Don’t Have To

I actually love talking (and it’s a total myth that introverts don’t like talking as much- our energy is just drained faster so once it’s drained, we may not talk as much). But I love the fact that once my energy is drained, the extroverts keep the conversation going while I just sit back and listen (which I love to do). Thank you for saving the world from awkward silences, extroverts!

Many Extroverts Take the Burden of Public Speaking Off of Introverts

There are definitely socially anxious extroverts (another myth busted), so not all of them want to stand up and talk in front of everyone. But many of them are more willing to stand in front of the class to present the group project, give a lesson in church, etc. I’ve been in many group projects where I contribute to the ideas for the project but then am able to hand over the actual “speaking in front of the class” part to one of the extroverts in the group. It’s nice to know they’re more likely to do the public speaking part while I can do what I do best- contribute to the creative ideas.

Extroverts Are Generally Pretty Fun and Exciting to Be Around

My family is made up of mostly extroverts and I absolutely love them for it (except for when they think I want to be an extrovert like them and when I’m too socially drained to handle it all 😅). But I genuinely love being around them because they create a sort of fun kind of chaos. They’re loud, funny, enthusiastic about life, and exciting to be around. And honestly, I become that way when I’m around them (until I’m too drained). It may just be because they’re my family so I’m comfortable around them, but I also think all the extroverted energy has something to do with the fun atmosphere!

Extroverts Help Me Get Out of My Comfort Zone

In high school, I was best friends with two very loud extroverts and without them I probably wouldn’t have attended as many fun pool parties, dances, a theater class (I did not like that one at all, though), or pranked all of the boys in our church on a regular basis. I wouldn’t have made fun music videos or taken as many weird and crazy photos. I probably would have spent most of my time home reading and while there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s good to get out there sometimes and do something a little “crazy,” and different!

Extroverts are Great at Keeping Up With Relationships

While I don’t place friendships as a high priority in my life (not when I already have my husband, our families, and myself to worry about), I do wish I was a little better at keeping up with friendships. It would be nice to have the same kind of deep friendships that I used to have in high school and college. It was easier when I was around girls my age all the time. Now that most of my friends are off and married (and some with kids), it’s harder to stay in touch.

But honestly, extroverts seem to have a knack for continuing those friendships even when things get busy. I applaud them for being able to prioritize so many things! I also realize that they need less time alone so that frees up a lot of time for them to socialize, but I’m still in awe of their ability to keep up with friendships!

Sidenote: I do think some extroverts need to realize that their introverted friends aren’t the same as them and could go months without speaking to someone and still consider them a good friend, so they shouldn’t be “needy” or get annoyed if an introvert in their life isn’t able to see them a lot.

Extroverts Are Often Extra Friendly

While introverts are more concerned with maintaining the relationships they already have, extroverts sometimes do that, as well, but also venture into making new friends more often. Introverts are usually pretty picky about who they choose to have as close friends while extroverts tend to be friendly with a larger amount of people.

My Grandpa Minton, for example, is always talking to new people and forming new friendships (and isn’t really picky about who those friendships are with). This makes him very likable and welcoming. He’ll open up his home to anyone (literally anyone).  I really do admire this characteristic of most extroverts!

Extroverts Are Often Pretty Flexible

This isn’t always the case but extroverts often have the leg up on being more flexible and less stubborn. Introverts are usually more independent, which means we like our routines and doing things our way. Extroverts are often a little less “high strung” because they’re used to dealing with other people. This obviously isn’t always the case (ex: our hot-headed president), but I admire when an extrovert does have that “go with the flow” attitude. 

What Do You Appreciate About Extroverts?

I feel like this “journey” I just went on of recognizing what I appreciate extroverts was actually very good for me! It helped me to realize that just like Mr. Fox said, “We are all different but there’s something kind of FANTASTIC about that, isn’t there?” Imagine if everyone in the world was introverted or everyone in the world was extroverted? Things would be unbalanced in terrifying ways!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. What do you appreciate about extroverts? Or if you’re already an extrovert, what do you appreciate about introverts?