We’re moving! Oh, how sweet those words are! In precisely 12 days we’ll be out of the second home we’ve lived in since we’ve been married and will be onto our third. We’re not moving across the country or even into our own owned home, but I’m still extremely excited for this next step in our lives!

We’re currently in the basement floor of a duplex home that has 2 bedrooms and a garage (and obviously a kitchen, bathroom, and living room). Our new place only has one bedroom and no garage, so it’s technically a “downgrade” in size but a total upgrade in luxuriousness. I mean seriously, isn’t it the cutest!? (It’ll also be fun to decorate and take blog pictures in- yes I have thought about that 😅) 

We’ve been itching to leave our current place for a while now. It was nice while it lasted but it’ll be pretty great to not have to deal with as many bugs (cause our new place isn’t a basement apartment), mold all over (because of the leaks in the pipes that have moistened up the walls somehow), or stuff breaking down and falling apart all the time.

It’ll also be so great to be able to open the windows and sit on our new porch without neighbors staring straight into our home (Oh, the joys of basement apartment living!) We’re officially DONE with basement apartments after the past two haven’t worked out all that well for us.

I think the thing I’m most bummed about is not having my own office but our new room is pretty big so having the desk in our room will be no biggie. Our new apartment also has a gym which will motivate us to work out more and a pool so I can get tan once summer rolls back around! 

5 of My Favorite Memories From Our Current Home

Obviously, I’m pretty excited about it all… but I did want to write a few special memories we’ve had in our current home just to make sure some of those memories stay with me (and to let you in on some fun things we’ve done the past few months since I’m not always the best at updating about my day-to-day life.)

1. Connor being able to have a garage to work in + our go-kart

One of the main reasons we moved to our current home was because it had a room I could use as an office and a garage for Connor to make stuff in- like our bed frame and the used go-kart he bought and fixed up. Connor really enjoyed using the garage but he’s surprisingly not-too-sad about not having one soon.

I think he realized he doesn’t have a lot of time for working in the garage with work, school, and everything else going on. But it was a blast having our go-kart (which we’ll have to sell but we’ll definitely be getting a new one in the future) and having Connor make some of our furniture!

2. All of the GINORMOUS wolf spiders.

Jusssst kidding, this is definitely I memory I won’t be missing. I have severe anxiety about spiders (that I’ve tried to get over- even through some exposure therapy- but it just ain’t gonna be fixed!) Our place before this one had a million more spiders so this place seemed GREAT at first (it’s always nice to not have so many spiders that they’re crawling over each other in the spider traps), but over time we noticed more and more of them.

This is when we decided NO MORE BASEMENT APARTMENTS WITH LOTS OF PLANTS RIGHT OUTSIDE THE WINDOWS. Seeing 3-5 spiders a day just isn’t normal (according to the poll I conducted on Twitter 😅). Let’s hope we see a few less spiders when we’re on the second floor of our new apartment building!

3. All of the pretty walks we went on.

It was nice living in an actual neighborhood that we could walk around. We’ll have to take our strolls around the apartment complex now, which is alright but I will miss our pretty walks! Going on walks with Connor is one of my very favorite things to do. We go on a couple of walks a week and always have a good time talking without distractions, holding hands, and looking at nature and all the pretty houses! 

4. Working in my office.

I know I already mentioned this but I’m seriously going to miss having my own office. If you don’t already know this, I’m super sensitive to sounds/interruptions when I’m working. I can’t even listen to music when I work. I think it’s partly my slight ADHD and partly the fact that I’m an HSP (aka: “highly sensitive person”- no, not just sensitive emotionally- look it up haha!).

Anyways, it was nice to have my own room to work in for noise reduction reasons but I just placed an order for some noise canceling ear muffs that I can use while working at my desk in our bedroom, so hopefully, they help! I’ll let you know how I like them.

5. My family coming to visit and being able to stay in our guest room.

The past two years, Connor and I have had my little sisters (ages 13 and 11) come stay with us and it’s been SO fun. It’s been great having that extra room (my office) for them to stay in! When my mom and little brothers stay the night for one or two of the nights, my sisters stay on the couch/ground in our living room. I guess they’ll all have to pile into the living room once we’re in our new place, which isn’t that bad, but it was nice having a guest room while it lasted.

One of my ultimate dreams in life is to have a really nice guest room in our future home- one that feels sorta like an Airbnb or hotel- with sample size shampoos/conditioners, a sign that has the wifi password on it, all that jazz. That would be so fun to feel like I’m running my own little Airbnb for our guests! Since I don’t have that yet, I thought I’d include one of the pictures I took for my gorgeous little sister’s Instagram. 

It’s so fun (and scary) having a teenage sister! I’m so glad all 6 of my little siblings and I are close even though our ages are far apart. I don’t believe in the whole, “We’re not close cause we’re 10 years apart thing.” Uh no! If you put in the effort and love each other, you can be close no matter the age gap!