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Since I’ve recently decided to crack down on my spending (you can read all about it here), I’ve decided to take inventory of what I’ve bought recently. I think it’s good to reflect on your purchases from time to time- and to ask yourself, “Did I really need that thing that I thought I NEEDED at 2 am when I couldn’t fall asleep?” I can honestly say most of these weren’t “impulse buys,” (I can’t say the same about the things I’ve bought at Target 😉) BUT not all of these products ended up being as great as I thought they’d be- even after strenuous research before purchasing!

In my opinion, being able to research before making a decision is one of the best parts of online shopping. But sometimes things still aren’t as great as you thought they’d be (ahem, fake reviews). Lucky for you, I did some of the research and testing for you, so you don’t have to! I also thought it would just be fun for you to see what I buy since I love seeing what other people are buying. So, here are my 12 most recent Amazon purchases. Enjoy!

1) This Bath Bomb Gift Set (that I gifted to myself 😉) is honestly one of my favorite things I’ve bought all year. I kept seeing bath bombs at the store for crazy high prices so I decided to do what I do best- do some research on Amazon to find them at a better price! I love that these fizz for over 7 minutes and make the whole bathtub colorful without staining the tub. And most of all I love how well they help relax my mind and my sore muscles! (My rating: 5 stars)

2) I’ve loved using my bullet journal but wanted to give a more structured planner a try, just for fun. I’m really picky about which planners I use (like I’d never use any of the ones at Barnes and Noble- that’s how picky I am), so it took me days upon days to figure out which one I wanted. After receiving my planner, I was quickly reminded why I love bullet journaling (because it allows you to really customize your planner).

BUT I must say that for a structured planner, the Phoenix Journal is the BEST one I’ve ever used! There’s a blank page next to each daily page so there’s is a bit of that customization aspect. It’s also really helped guide me on how to conquer my goals better than I think I could do for myself in a bullet journal. I’m also a huge fan of the thickness and height of the lines, which is something I’m really picky about. I’m probably going to stick to this planner but continue bullet journaling a little on the side, as well! (My rating: 4.5 stars)

3) Okay, these were seriously my FAVORITE sandals I’ve ever had… until they broke after only wearing them twice. The buckle broke off and there was no way to fix it! I was SO sad because I seriously LOVED them. I’m currently on the search for a pair similar to these that are a bit more pricey so they (hopefully) won’t break. (My rating: 1 star)

4) I purchased a store-brand Neutrogena moisturizer recently that ended up flaring up my acne and breaking (because I dropped it and the bottle was made out of glass… ugh) so I went on the hunt for a more pricey moisturizer that would actually work. I’ve been using this Retinol Moisturizer Cream for about 3 weeks now and I absolutely LOVE it. I experienced the initial breakout from change in product + exfoliation but it didn’t last long.

After about 5 days my acne cleared up and has been clearer than it’s EVER been. I’ve also seen an obvious reduction in the fine lines/wrinkles on my forehead which is one of the main reasons I got this. Oh, and my skin is literally SO soft and glowing. This is DEFINITELY worth the price. (My rating: 5 stars)

5) This Knock-Off Fitness Tracker was exactly what I needed to motivate myself to get up and moving more. I wasn’t about to spend $100 on an actual Fitbit when I heard that this thing does all the same things (which it really does). The only complaint I have about this is that the wristband gets a little dirty but I’m sure it can be easily washed and I’m sure a real Fitbit wristband would have the same problem. (My rating: 4 stars)

6) I had been wanting a hair scarf to tie around my bun for awhile because my hair is very thin and I wanted something to make it look and feel a little thicker. I ended up choosing this one after doing some extensive research. Unfortunately, my normally pretty spot-on research skills failed me this time. This thing slipped off my hair like none other, was huge, and started fraying at the seams!

I ended up buying a Simple and Blush headband (not an affiliate link) and have actually fallen IN LOVE with it. It’s non-slip, works perfectly as a bow and is surprisingly so cute as something to wrap around my head. I’ve actually worn this every single day since purchasing and don’t see myself ever not wearing it haha. (My rating for the Amazon hair scarf: 1 star) (My rating for the Simple and Blush one: 5 stars)

7) I’ve mentioned this book 1,001 times now but that’s because it’s just that dang good! It’s one of the few books that I can actually say has “changed my life.” If you have social anxiety than you MUST read this. (My rating: 5 stars)

8) I’d heard that Vitamin C serum is good for reducing fine lines and wrinkles so I decided to give the top rated (yet most affordable) Vitamin C Serum on Amazon a try. I’ve only used it a couple of times so would honestly attribute most of the reduction in my fine lines/wrinkles to the moisturizer I mentioned earlier, but this stuff hasn’t broken me out at all, which I consider a good sign. I would need to use it longer to give you a really good review of it, but so far, so good. (My rating: 4 stars- only because I haven’t used it long enough to know for sure)

9) I mentioned this workbook in a previous post and am still a huge fan of it. I’ve worked through about half of it so far and truly do feel as though it’s helped me regulate my emotions and deal with overwhelming feelings better than I was before. I would say this is a must-have if you’re dealing with any overwhelming feelings (so, this pretty much applies to ALL of us) and you can’t afford therapy or want something that’s a little less intense than therapy. I’m not going to say it can REPLACE therapy, but I can say that it’s been extremely helpful for me and I highly recommend it! (My rating: 5 stars)

10) I’d heard a lot of great things about these bullet journaling markers but haven’t been super impressed with them, so far. There are a few in the box that I use quite often but the majority of them are too dark and less like a highlighter than I was hoping for. I think they would be great to do art projects with, though. And the box is full of some really great colors that you can’t find with normal highlighters. (My rating: 4 stars)

11) I already mentioned this bag in a “Favorites” list and for good reason! I’ve absolutely loved having all of my makeup in one place! I love that the bag has movable dividers so I can organize my makeup however I want. I also love that there’s a protective place for my pallets. The only thing I’d say is that this bag is definitely more of a stay-at-home everyday makeup bag than a travel bag since it’s so big. I didn’t purchase it for travel anyways, but I know the description on it says it’s for travel so I just wanted to warn you about that! (My rating: 5 stars)

12) My husband and I were researching natural ways to reduce anxiety and came across this product. I had read in the reviews that it’s the equivalent to drinking a glass of wine or taking a Xanax, so it had me intrigued haha. My hopes were pretty high for this product but I can honestly say that it lived up to my expectations (and my husbands). It’s also really great for your digestive system (definitely gets those bowels moving!) I feel about a lot more calm about 10 minutes after taking it! (My rating: 5 stars)