This post is sponsored by Her Campus Media, but as always, all opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that keep The Determined Dreamer running!

There are few things as exciting as getting a package of goodies in the mail, am I right!? Getting my InfluenceHer Essentials Kit was no exception! As a busy blogger and soon-to-be college student (yes, I’m finally heading back to finish!), it’s nice to find products that are actually high-quality and will be used in my everyday life.

With everything going on lately (moving, transferring colleges, work stuff, etc.) this box was exactly what I needed as a little pick-me-up! Everything in it felt applicable to what I’m needing in my life and brought me some much-needed joy! If you’re a busy blogger, mom, employee, or college student, you’ll definitely want to stick around to hear about what I got in my box because these are all products I’ll definitely be repurchasing in the future.

The first thing I noticed in the box was the High Sierra Elly Backpack (because it’s big and pink and beautiful!). I’m really into the drawstring bag look these days so I love that it’s a hybrid mix of one of those and a regular bag. I usually pass on drawstring bags because I’m a lover of pockets and they don’t always have all the pockets this pocket lover needs! The Elly Backpack is fantastically and conveniently made with lots of pockets, a tablet/laptop sleeve, and a matching zippered accessory pouch that can stay clipped into the front pocket.

Because this box was perfectly curated, it also came with some delicious Garden of Life Gōl Bars that I can slip into my Elly Backpack when I take my every-other-day walk to get some work done at the library (or at a nearby cafe). Because I work from home, I try to get some of my work done out of the house so I don’t go too stir crazy inside. When I tasted these bars, I knew these were going to become my “go-to” snacks for days when I’m on the run. I’m not usually a fan of protein bars so I was a little bit worried about trying these but I can honestly say these are the best protein bars I’ve ever had. 

They taste like candy (which is why my husband has been eating them like they’re candy, unfortunately). And they come in 4 flavors- chocolate coconut, blueberry, chocolate sea salt, and maple sea salt. These also hold my hunger off better than other bars I’ve tried. I had one for breakfast this morning and wasn’t hungry until lunch (which is unheard of for me). These are great bars to have for busy school days, busy errand running days (especially if you don’t want to spend money on fast food), and just for life in general!

The next group of things in the box that were just begging to be tried were the Almay Goddess Glosses™– the new products from the Almay Cosmic Collection. Now, I’m not big on lipstick (I think I look funnier the more obvious my makeup is) so I was thrilled to find out that these were lip glosses! Although, I must admit that I don’t even wear lip glosses that much because they’re usually so sticky.

I was happy to find out that these were actually made with the purpose of not being sticky (Hooray! A makeup company finally caught on to the fact that no one likes their lips feeling sticky!) I also love how moisturizing these are. There are pomegranate, grape, and raspberry oils in these lip glosses that leave your lips feeling moisturized, without feeling sticky. You can find these at Ulta or order them online!

I was also happy to see the cutest sleep mask from the Her Campus in my box! It goes pretty well with my blog, if I don’t say so myself 😉 It’s made of 100% silk and is guaranteed to be the softest, most breathable mask you’ll ever own. I love wearing this to bed because it helps me fall asleep super quick. I also love using this to cover my eyes to ease my mid-work-day headaches.

Last but not least, I was able to try the popular Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Butter. As somewhat of a lotion connoisseur, it takes a lot for me to be impressed by lotions/body butters but I can honestly say I’m impressed by this product! It’s very rich, without being greasy. And it absorbs quickly, which is so important for a lotion. I used to buy the cheapo lotions at the store but have since realized what a big impact buying good lotion does for skin. This Bliss Body Butter is a great price, smells wonderful, and is great quality so I’ll definitely be repurchasing once mine run out!