In my younger years, September always signaled the start of something new. It meant school shopping, reinventing my look (that somehow always ended up looking the same), and prepping in other ways for the new school year. As an adult, things look a little different. But I believe in some ways, September still symbolizes a fresh start. 

This month has been full of all sorts of “newness”- a new apartment, new routines, and a new motivation to finish college. Oh, and all the new shows/movies on Netflix. We can’t forget about those. (Also, I’ll stop repeatedly saying “new” here soon.) 

There’s something in the air and it’s not just the faint hint of approaching fall. I’ve just got that motivation back and am feeling all sorts of excited for the things to come! Hopefully, you’re all feeling a bit of that, as well!

5 Things I’m Over the Moon Excited About Lately

  1. We finally moved! It was a long process but it’s finally over and we couldn’t be happier about our new place. We had some initial complications that delayed our move by a week but it ended up being a really good thing. The apartment managers were dishonest about the size and look of our apartment (even after we asked them a million and one questions during the model home tour to make sure it was similar to it). We confronted them about it and they ended up upgrading our apartment to an updated two-bed, two-bath one for the same price as our initial apartment. We’re still decorating our new place, but I’ll definitely be showing you lots of pictures once it’s looking more put together!
  2. I started meditating regularly! I always thought meditating was such a hippy “woo woo” thing but it’s honestly one of the most important things anyone could ever do. I’d hope it having a “bad” rep wouldn’t stop anyone from at least trying it out. It’s been so great to learn how to be more in the moment and in control of my emotions. It’s a huge stress-reliever for me and something I’ll be implementing into my daily routine for as long as I live! I look forward to meditating every single day because it’s like a mini-vacay away from all of the daily stresses. I’ve been using the Calm app, which I find particularly un-hippiesh (is that a word?). I’ll be delving into more detail about why I chose that app out of the other ones in an upcoming blog post!
  3. I’ve been working out regularly! I don’t think there’s anything else I can do (perhaps besides meditation) that has such a significant influence on my mental health. Now that we’ve moved into an apartment with a workout room, it’s made it even easier to workout regularly. Although, I had started working out more regularly before we moved (I just did it in our living room). I’m really proud of myself for continuing to do it regularly. I believe having a better “why” behind my goal to exercise has made it easier to actually get it done regularly!
  4. I switched over to Mediavine! I recently switched my ad network from Google Adsense to Mediavine and it’s made a significant increase in my income. I was worried about switching because I’m not able to decide how many ads I want on each page until I reach the 90-day-mark, but I decided it was something that needed to be done to increase my revenue. I definitely don’t want to annoy my readers with too many ads, but hope my loyal readers will stick around for 90 days until I can decrease the number of ads!  I also love how easy it is to contact their support team. You couldn’t even contact Google Adsense unless you made $25 per week, which I wasn’t earning on there since their pay is so low.
  5. All the great TV shows on right now! I’m conflicted about this. Part of me wishes they’d spread out the great shows a little better but part of me is happy that there’s a ton of great stuff on right now. We’ve got Big Brother Season 20 (which I’ve recently realized is one of the best shows ever- I used to think it was trashy until I actually watched it and realized people don’t even kiss or cuss or do anything trashy on the show). We’ve also got Atypical (you must watch this on Netflix if you haven’t yet- it’s about an Autistic teenager and his family), Bachelor in Paradise, and America’s Got Talent. Not to mention all the great rom-coms Netflix is pushing out! How am I supposed to get any work done with all of these wonderful shows airing at the same time!? Help!

Inspiring Links

  • I recently watched this Youtube video that had me bawling my eyes out. I want to write an entire post on this subject because it’s such an important issue. This video also really put into perspective how truly lucky/privileged I am to have been born in a country and home with water that comes straight out of my faucet. I can’t even imagine having to go through what these strong women go through every day just to get a bucket of water. This video is a must-watch.
  • An important article about why the people you disagree with aren’t dumb. 
  • Want to know if you’re truly an introvert? Find out here. (I relate to all of them except the flirting one.)
  • I recently started watching Valerie Lipovetsky on Youtube and have found her to be so genuine and fun to watch! She recently did a video on why we need to stop trying to be happy- which is an idea I’ve been intrigued with for a while now!
  • This documentary made by the Imagine Dragons lead singer Dan Reynolds, all about why suicide is a huge issue in Utah right now- especially within the LGTBQ community. This was such an important documentary to watch and definitely worth the few bucks it costs to rent. I’m definitely making sure our future children watch this because this is such an important issue. It breaks my heart that people are being judged (especially by the older generation) based on something they can’t change about themselves. I’m proud of Dan Reynolds for standing up for what’s good and right. It’s hard to stand up for what’s right when the people in your community aren’t, but it’s so important.
  • This hilarious Youtube series called, “What Would Your Kid Do?” I watched all 6 episodes within like 2 days because they were so hilarious and interesting to watch!