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I’m sitting at my desk in my office with the rain pounding against the window. I’m loving the gloomy weather- partly because it matches my mood. I feel like I could write a whole novel about how I’m feeling right now but I’ve decided to spare you a rambling diary session and keep things short(er). So here are a few of my recent realizations, feelings, and life updates!

  • I’ve taken on part-time work as a Door Dasher. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that, but honestly, it’s a great side-gig because it’s flexible enough for me to continue my blogging business. Most serious bloggers pride themselves once they reach the “full-time” blogger status and I did reach that at one point so it pains me to admit that I’m having to do a little work on the side at this time. But starting a blog or business is a lot of work and I know that it can take years to reach the point of having a steady income. For now, I’m happy with this side gig that actually pays really well! If you’re looking for part-time work (as a mom, college student, or just anyone) I’d definitely recommend it! 
  • My unpopular opinions have been eating me up alive! I actually just texted my husband (who’s working right) and worriedly exclaimed that “I have nothing positive to write in my blog post!” I really do (life isn’t terrible or anything) but in an effort to be genuine I thought I’d just share a struggle I’ve been experiencing. Lately, it feels like my “unpopular opinions” are taking over and causing me some serious anguish. I actually recently found a Reddit page devoted to Unpopular Opinions and felt quite at home there 😅 It’s not that I want to disagree with people but I just think for myself so my opinions don’t always align with the majority. I also feel like I’ve spent the majority of my life withholding my opinions in order to please others (or at least not disappoint them). Leaving them unsaid makes me feel like I’m not being true to myself which in turn makes me feel resentful towards the people that I know will disapprove of my opinions, beliefs, etc. My main goal in life is to learn to be unapologetically myself! 
  • Baths, meditation, exercise, and quality time with my husband. Often times the necessities of life (sleep, eating, working, school, etc.) take over and we’re left with very little time for the things that will give us the strength to handle it all. Lately, I’ve been making an extra effort to squeeze self-care and quality time with my husband in so that I have the energy and emotional capacity to handle the rest!

The Ultimate California Giveaway!

I’m SUPER excited to announce a giveaway I’m participating in hosting! I’m not usually one to participate in giveaways but I just knew I had to host this one because it’s for a trip to my favorite place EVER… CALIFORNIA! (It also happens to be my home state!)

The giveaway is ending in 2 days (on October 8th) so you’ll have to enter ASAP for a chance to be one of the 13 winners who get to stay at a 7-acre resort in Santa Barbara. The trip includes airfare, some meals, and a spa treatment! I mean, really, what more could you want!? I’m also a huge fan of this giveaway because EVERYONE who enters gets a subscription to C Magazine. I always feel wary of entering contests because I know there’s a slim chance I’ll win, so I’m loving the fact that every single person gets something!