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I sang this song with my grandma so many times when I was little that the lyrics are permanently engrained in my head! And ironically, they often end up popping into my memory when I’m feeling down in the dumps. It sounds so cliche- so “surface level”- to repeat the old, “Be grateful when you’re feeling sad,” mantra… but sometimes the most simple pieces of advice hold the most value. Being the idealist I am, I can be pretty negative sometimes. I just want things to go smoothly and be somewhat perfect in my life, so I don’t always handle it well when things go wrong.

My husband will sometimes prod me to name off my favorite things when I’m being negative and I’ll whine back, “There’s NOTHING to be grateful for right now!” (Wow, now that I’m reading that, I realize how much like a 5-year-old I sound when I say that!) Eventually, I’ll give in and start naming them off, though. Julie Andrews (or whoever actually wrote the lyrics to the song- Oscar Hammerstein/Richard Rogers) had a great point- naming off your favorite things really does make you feel less bad.

When the dog bites

When the bee stings

When I’m feeling sad

I simply remember my favorite things

And then I don’t feel sooooo bad!

Since I haven’t done a roundup in a while and I feel like I’m in need of listing off some of my favorite things anyway, here’s a list of my favorite things as of late! Hopefully, they can make you feel a little more positive about your own life and/or you can get some ideas on ways you can improve your life!

9 of My Current Favorite Things

Lighting fall scented candles and opening a window. When it finally started to feel like fall, I whipped out my fall scented candles and started opening the screen door in our living room and some of the windows. I LOVE the feeling of fall- the crispness in the air, the orange and yellow tones, and the feeling that can just be summed up as “Halloween night.” Does anyone else feel like all of October feels like Halloween night? 😅

Bath bombs and bath salts. I don’t know how I didn’t know about bath bombs/bath salts until my 24th year of life (did they even exist until recently?) but they are seriously my FAVORITE. There’s just something about adding bath bomb or some salts to your bath that helps you savor the moment and take things a little more slowly than a rushed shower. Most bath salts/bombs help relax your muscles while the scent is your relaxing your mind (aka: they make you feel like you’re in heaven).

Meditating regularly. I’ve mentioned this one in the last few blog posts simply because I’ve become a HUGE fan of meditation. It’s really helped decrease my anxiety/depression and just feel more “in the moment” instead of constantly thinking about the past or worrying about the future. I tried out both Headspace and Calm for a few weeks each and decided that I like Calm better because I prefer the voice on Calm, there are background noises that you can play for each meditation, and the meditations are less repetitive than on Headspace. I love the fact that when I play one on “Boundaries in Relationships” (for example), you get specific advice about that subject throughout the entire meditation instead of just at the end like on Headspace. It’s really just personal preference so I would suggest that you test out the free trials for both if you haven’t yet! 

Having a natural skincare routine. This past year is the first time I’ve gotten into a regular skincare routine. I’m really loving it for two reasons! 1. My skin looks 100x better. 2. There’s something about daily rituals that brings me a sense of comfort. I actually get excited to do my skincare routine every morning and every night. I’ve been getting my skincare products from The Choosy Chick (pictured above) because they’re affordable and I know the ingredients in all of the products are natural and good for my skin! I’ve also been using Au Naturale cosmetics, which are non-toxic beauty products that have really helped me keep my skin clear, bright, and acne-free!

Going on hikes. Connor and I don’t go on as many hikes as we should. Whenever we do go on, I wonder why in the world we don’t hike more often! Going on a hike is the perfect little “escape” from reality- complete with nature, no (or less) technology, and that camping outdoorsy feeling I love so much.

Playing a board game with someone (or people) that I love. Connor and I recently received a Datebox chock full of ingredients to make homemade ice-cream and a super-fun card game. We spend A LOT of time together but don’t always make time for an official “date,” so it was nice to spend some quality time together without any other stressors to think about. Just sitting down and playing a game together reminded me of how important it is to do the little things like that. My family always played a lot of board games growing up and I think it really helped bond us together. 

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The fact that I can journal and use my planner anytime. For some reason, this just makes me feel more in control of my life. Knowing I can escape into my journal or improve my life through planning and keeping track of my habits brings me peace. Does anyone else relate to this or am I just crazy!? 😅 If your life feels out of control, I highly recommend getting into regular planning/journaling!

Utah’s saving grace- the fall weather. The only time I don’t miss San Diego or San Diego weather while here in Utah is during fall. I absolutely LOVE the crisp air and the leaves changing colors here in Utah. It gets slightly chillier in San Diego during fall but it’s not nearly as drastic as it is here in Utah. I don’t really love anything else about Utah (besides some of the pretty hikes) so this whole fall weather thing Utah’s got going on really saves me from hating the place entirely haha. 

Listening to audiobooks. I recently started listening to Audibooks for the first time ever and have become a huge fan of them! At first, it felt like I was “cheating” on paper books… or just not truly reading. But it only took me a few minutes of being engulfed in The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah to consider Audiobooks a valid option for reading. I love that I can listen to them when I’m cooking, cleaning, driving, etc. It actually makes me excited to do those things!

What’re Your Current Favorite Things?

I’d love to know what you’re currently loving! Is there something you’ve recently become obsessed with or just realized your grateful for? Let me know in the comments below!