A few weeks ago, Connor and I took a day trip to Park City, Utah. I always try to visit Park City whenever I get the travel bug and we can’t afford to go anywhere far away. I mean, I’m not complaining. Park City is the cutest, most quaint little town I’ve ever laid eyes on (well, at least here in the U.S.). We’re really lucky to live so close to it.

There are always a million and one things I want to look at and take pictures of when I’m in Park City. I had to snap the following pic because the moped, flower baskets, and dining area in the street reminded me so much of Europe (I can’t remember exactly which city/country they reminded me of). 

After wandering the streets for a bit, we made our usual stop at Dolly’s Bookstore. It’s my absolute favorite place in Park City. I would have spent a couple hours there if Connor was as big of a book fanatic as I am, but I didn’t want to make him wait around! But seriously, it’s just the cutest, coziest little bookstore. 

Within a couple of hours, we walked from one side of downtown Park City to the other. We ended up by the bridge and ski lifts. I just love the fact that there’s a ski resort right in the midst of downtown. This is seriously the coolest city!

Connor was pretty proud of the picture he took below! I must admit, it’s pretty artsy!

Since I’m not the biggest fan of being in pictures, I had Connor pose for some. This is what he did after I said, “Pose like an Instagram model.” Nice one, Connor 👍🏼😅

We were taking a selfie on this bench that has a bear statue (not pictured, but to the right of Connor) on it and all of the sudden I saw this huge spider above my head on my phone screen. We both jumped up, totally freaked out. We looked up and there was a man laughing in the window above us. I guess it’s his job (or hobby?) to scare tourists! 

I’m glad I got to slow down and spend a day with my husband in this beautiful city! Even though it’s one I’m pretty familiar with, it’s always fun to wander around cute towns like these. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve been to Park City or if you have a town nearby you that you go to when you get the travel bug! I love hearing about new places to visit!