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About This New Mini (Or Potentially Long-Term) Blog Series

Okay, first off… you definitely can’t give me full-credit for this brilliant idea. If you’ve listened to the podcast, “By the Book,” you’re probably thinking, Ummm… girl, there’s already a podcast with almost the exact same title that does almost the exact same thing you’re probably about to do. And if you weren’t thinking that, I highly suggest you go listen to the By the Book podcast because it’s AMAZING.

But yes, this new series of blog posts that I’m going to be calling, “Living by the Book” is going to be very similar to the podcast in that I’ll be reading a self-help book and actually LIVING by it for a week. I so often find myself reading a self-help book and thinking, “Oh, I should definitely start doing that. That would really improve my life,” and then I NEVER actually do it. I’m sure you can #relate.

I also tend to think a lot of the the info in self-help books is totally bogus, so this little blog series (that may or may not become a long-term thing) will also help me discern which self-help books are preachin’ things that will actually help me and could potentially help you, as well.

I’ll be posting about my day-to-day experiences on my Instagram stories, so feel free to follow along on there, as well. You could even read some of the books and start #livingbythebook along with me! I’ll share more information about this and improve the process as I go, but for now… here’s some of the criteria I’ll be sticking to and some of the books I’ll be reading. If you have any other suggestions for books you think I should try out, let me know in the comments below!

Simple Rules/Criteria for Living by the Book

  • I’ll read the book and then write a blog post going over the main points of the book and setting 5 main rules or intentions that I pulled from it that will help me live by it for the next week. Instead of reading the book yourself, at this point, you could always just live by the main principles that I pulled from the book with me!
  • After a week of living by the book, I’ll write another blog post in which I’ll evaluate my experience living by the book by determining: 1) How much living by that book improved my overall happiness and all aspects of my health 2) How realistic living by that book is 3) What changes I’d make to the concepts taught in the book in order to make them more realistic and helpful in my own life 4) What concepts in the book I’ll try to continue doing 5) My overall feelings and rating of the book.

Books I’ll be Reading/Living By (In No Particular Order):