Since I have the opportunity to blog more frequently after months of being unable to, I thought I’d just take a second to re-introduce myself. I’m really excited to be back full-throttle (or at least part-time-throttle). I absolutely love blogging with all of my heart. It’s scary to put myself out there since I’m a pretty private person, but it’s all worth it when I’m able to meet new people and inspire people through my writing. Most of my posts are, “How To’s” or about a specific topic, so I thought I’d just share a few facts about myself so you can get to know me better. I’d love to learn more about you too so leave some facts about yourself in the comments below!

25 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

1. I’d rather talk on the phone with someone I don’t know well than someone I know well. I really dislike talking on the phone no matter what but it’s usually a shorter phone call if I don’t know them (because it’s just me calling the dentist office or something) and shorter = better. Also, I usually dislike talking on the phone less once I’m actually on the phone. It’s mostly the buildup and thinking about making phone calls that makes me nervous.

2. I always gave the most boring “interesting fact” in class because I didn’t know what to say. When my elementary/middle school teachers would ask everyone in the class to go around and say something interesting about ourselves, I would tell the class that I somehow got hazel eyes even though my parents both have blue eyes. I thought that was really cool and different 😂 Also, typical introverted me just didn’t know what to say and hated having to do that.

3. I’m more comfortable meeting new people than spending time with people I know but am not comfortable around. I’m usually pretty outgoing when I first meet someone and then the outgoingness goes away if I realize they’re not someone I feel comfortable around. I don’t get it either, ok? (Also, this isn’t always the case, but most of the time it is.)

4. I get the urge to travel almost every day. It’s partly because occasionally I’m avoidant and want to escape reality and responsibilities, but it’s also because I love, love, love traveling. If I could, I’d spend half of my life traveling.

5. I’d rather drive 14 hours than take a 2-hour plane flight. I really like road trips and usually don’t want them to end because I love listening to podcasts, jamming to loud music, and talking to whoever I’m driving with (if I’m driving with someone). Plane flights feel too short for all the activities I want to do. I can only listen to like 2 podcasts and write in my journal for 5 minutes and then the flights over, which is always a bummer.

6. I rarely ever get bored. The only times I get bored are when I’m in group settings that I’m not comfortable in or when I’m watching Disney movies. Other than that, I really don’t see how someone could get bored when there are a million and one things to do in life at all times. In fact, I get very overwhelmed by the lack of time I have to get things done each day. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to that.

7. Yes, you heard me right… I don’t really like Disney movies. I just can’t get into most of them. I did kinda like Frozen and Tangled, but the rest of them are boring. Recently, my husband and I couldn’t decide on what to watch because I wanted to watch, “Abducted in Plain Sight,” and he wanted to watch, “Incredibles 2.” So, you get the point haha. I do LOVE Disneyland though!

8. I’m quiet and shy but also really opinionated and intense. I’m pretty much just a walking contradiction! I used to be far more loud and argumentative about my opinions. The past few years I’ve been trying to be more respectful toward differing opinions- but there are times when I still have a hard time doing that. I think this could be chalked up to being very passionate about my values, morals, and beliefs.

9. I have an irrational fear of spiders. I’ve only killed 3 spiders in my life and every time was AWFUL! I’m grateful to have a husband who will kill them for me, even in the middle of the night (he’s the best). It’s a very ridiculous but real fear for me.

10. I also have an irrational fear of butterflies and ladybugs. I don’t understand how having pretty wings or polka dots makes something less scary? They still have scary little itsy bitsy legs and creepy little mouths! One time I had a panic attack in a butterfly garden because I realized once I was in there that the butterflies were actually going to LAND ON ME. There was a long line to get out of the butterfly garden but I was literally panicking so I skipped to the front of the line. People thought I was rude for skipping ahead but the butterfly garden host (or whatever you’d call him) ended up letting me out because he could tell I was in an emotional state. Yeah… butterflies are freaaaky.

11. I dislike almost everything about the state I currently live in and want to move away as soon as we’re done attending college here. The only good thing about this state is the mountains and I’m not even a huge fan of mountains (I know, so ungrateful… but we all like different things). I miss the year-round sunshine, beach, palm trees, and pretty houses and landscaping in California.

12. I’m passionate about a lot of different issues. Some of the ones I’m most passionate about are human trafficking, gender equality, LGTBQ+ rights, improving the foster care system, and adoption. I also think it’s super cool that we’re all passionate about different issues. We can’t all be passionate about everything (there’s not enough time in life), so it’s cool that we’re all passionate about helping in different ways!

13. I’m very skeptical and don’t believe in a lot of stuff. This includes things like that the “Universe” is watching out for me or that people give off energy or whatever people say. I had a really hard time reading You are a Bad*** because of that. I’m really skeptical about most things in life ha!

14. I’ve had a blog since high school. Well, I’ve had several blogs since high school. This one is by far my favorite and the one that’s lasted the longest. I love pretty much everything about blogging- meeting other determined people, having a creative outlet, being able to take and edit pretty pictures (I just need to learn to be more comfortable taking pics of myself), doing campaigns, etc.

15. As much as I’m scared to be a mom someday, I’m also really excited about it.We plan on adopting and having biological kids. I would be happy with only adopting, as well. I can’t wait to start a family that’s based on empathy, fun, hard work, service, individuality, differentiation, laughter, respect, kindness, and unconditional love. I honestly think Connor and I will be great parents (I don’t usually say things like that but in this case, I really do believe it haha). There are times when I’m scared to be a parent just because Connor and I have gotten so used to it just being the two of us… but I’m also excited for it.

16. I cry about everything. Something good happens? I cry. Something bad happens? I cry. I don’t know how to feel about something? I cry. I’m a pretty sensitive person. It’s something I used to be ashamed of but I’ve grown to love that part of myself. Being sensitive can be tough but it also means I love and care deeply.

17. I’m an introverted, HSP, Enneagram 4, INFJ. You’re probably like… “Okay, you have a lot of diseases, girl.” This is actually all just personality stuff (if you didn’t already know)… & it’s not silly. All of these things have become a part of my identity. Learning more about myself and other people who are like me has made me feel validated and less alone. I’ve become more aware of my flaws and learned how I can improve them. I’ve also been able to recognize some of the strengths that I didn’t realize I had. I love this quote oabout the Enneagram that can apply to any personality test, “The Enneagram doesn’t put you in a box. It shows you the box you’re already in and how to get out of it.”

18. I’m obsessed with curries. Indian curries, Japanese curries, Thai curries… you name it. I just love curries. We even served curry at our wedding. I’m pretty sure the people with bland tastebuds weren’t too happy about it… but I was THRILLED.

19. I haven’t had a best friend (besides Connor) since my Sophomore year in college. I’m fortunate enough to have a few great friends that I’ve “met” through blogging, but I haven’t had a best friend that I live close to since Sophomore year in college. I’m really bad at staying in contact with people and I also think I’ve gotten a lot pickier about who I become close to. There are times when I’m sad about not having a best friend and I look forward to going to more social events where I can meet like-minded friends but other times I’m not sure I’m cut out for best friendship because I’m so bad at staying in touch with people! Do any other introverts out there have this problem!?

20. I suffer from anxiety. Fortunately, I’ve gotten my anxiety almost completely under control, but there are still days when I feel pretty anxious- sometimes for no good reason. I used to suffer from depression, as well, but haven’t felt too depressed the last couple of years. These are issues I might end up dealing with off and on for the rest of my life but I’m glad that I’ve learned some great ways to cope with them and that they aren’t as debilitating as they once were.

21. My husband and I call each other “bum.” I don’t know how I met a guy who dislikes the words, “babe” and “baby” as much as me, but somehow I did! I’ve always thought those words were so overused and typical (it’s okay if you use them- everyone perceives things differently). I know “bum” probably sounds dumb, as well, but both of us love it and think it’s very endearing and romantic haha. I swear, we somehow make it sound very loving 😂

22. My husband and I tell each other everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. When I first met Connor, I remember telling my mom that he felt like the first guy I truly knew well… like really well. We were able to understand each other well and be comfortable around each other quickly. We’re truly best friends who tell each other every little thing and it makes me so happy because I always wanted a marriage with someone I felt this close to.

23. I only recently started feeling close to my age. I’ve always felt and looked younger than I am. One time a lady at the store asked me if I was in middle school or high school and I replied, “Ummm… I’m actually in college.” I only recently started feeling like I’m at least somewhat close to my age. I definitely don’t feel 25 yet… maybe more like 22. But still… I’m catchin’ up! There are times when I feel wise for my age and other times when I feel like I don’t have everything together as much as I should. I think part of me feeling younger than I am might be me being hard on myself.

24. I only have like 12 pictures of myself on my phone and 10 of them are with my husband. If you would have looked through my phone a few years back you would have thought I was a little conceited. I took LOADS of pictures of myself. It’s only been within the past few years that I’ve started really disliking taking selfies and getting my picture taken. I feel like my confidence has gotten better (I actually leave the house without makeup all the time now) but for some reason, I just don’t like pictures anymore? I don’t get it either. One of my goals for the years is to take more pictures of myself- just for the sake of my blog. We’ll see how it goes!

25. I worked at a lodge in Alaska for 6 months. It was the worst and best experience ever. I learned so many new skills (how to work from 6 am to midnight, ride a four-wheeler down a skinny boat ramp, sail a boat, catch a 70 lb fish, etc.) but it was also a really tough experience in a lot of ways. I could (and probably should) write a whole blog post on my experience working in Alaska! All I know is ever since I’ve left I have the hugest urge to go back. It’s like no place I’ve ever been before.