There are so many things I’ve wanted to discuss on my blog lately- so many changes, feelings, and experiences I’ve been through the past couple of weeks. I want to keep this blog as positive as I can but I also want to be real and authentic with you guys. I don’t think you have to share everything to be authentic, but it’s also not super genuine to only share the good. Anyways, I’ll end up writing full posts on some of the experiences I’ve had lately but for now, I just wanted to share a few things I’ve found on Instagram that helped me get through some of the tough stuff.

Mindy Gledhill IG Post (above): I absolutely love Mindy Gledhill! I’ve been listening to her songs since I was a teenager. We’ve gone through a lot of the same experiences in life around the same time, so I always find her songs and Instagram captions so comforting. I love this caption she wrote about empathy. I’ve been a huge proponent of empathy ever since I started reading books by Brené Brown. I used to think sympathy or tolerance was acceptable but have since realized that we’re all capable of so much more. We’re all capable of setting our pride aside and truly walking along with someone else, even when their life looks different than our own. Even when they’re making choices we would never make. We’re all capable of withholding judgement and instead offering love and understanding.

Sossafetymag IG Post (above): I came across this post a while ago and am so glad I did (I may have seen it somewhere else before seeing it on IG- can’t remember where, though). Now I have it saved in my notes and I look at it all the time! It’s a good reminder to release some of the anxiety your body is carrying throughout the day. Just doing these simple things helps me relieve at least some of the tension happening in my mind and body.

The Social Pariah IG Post (above): I love this quote! I’m a MAJOR people-pleaser so this is an important reminder for me. I avoid conflict like the plague. If I start conflict with you, just know there’s a GOOD reason for it because I don’t just start conflict over anything 😂 But this quote is seriously so true. I think it’s so important to speak your mind if something is bothering you. Forgiveness is also important, but when you let people continually disrespect or push boundaries, you’ll only end up resenting them. It’s better to let them know (very kindly) what your boundaries are and/or what’s been on your mind, even if it causes a bit of conflict at first.

Chels Homer IG Post (above): Chelsea Homer has become one of my very favorite people on Instagram! She writes the deepest and most thought-provoking posts. You can tell how passionate she is about equality, love, and respect. The thing I love most about her is her courage to stand up for what’s right, even when it’s not the popular opinion among the religious community she’s a part of. I want to be more like her. I don’t want to stand on the sidelines and watch bad things happen to people. I want to do all I can to help people in need, even when it stirs the pot a little and even when it’s not the most popular thing to post about.

Enneagram and Coffee IG Post (above): This has also become one of my favorite IG accounts! I recently found out my Enneagram type (I’m Type 4, although I’m going to take an official test to make sure). I found it out right about the time this IG account was created and BLEW UP pretty much overnight. This account doesn’t just tell you good things about your type, it also lets you know how you can improve and be happier based on your type. I’m attaching this picture just because it’s so true that the way to mend things with me is to listen and validate my feelings. In high school, my mom would sometimes try to fix my problems and I’d beg her to just listen and validate my feelings. Now my husband does the same thing so he’s had to learn to listen and validate, just like my mom had to learn 😂 It’s interesting how we all need different things. That’s the thing I love about personality tests- they help us understand ourselves and others better.