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Hi everyone! I’ve been so excited to share my experience with Madison Reed with all of you. Some of you might know that I’ve always struggled with my hair. It’s thin, fine, and is nearly impossible to grow past my shoulders. Because of this, I try to only use the very best products on it. Key word: try. Que sad story– unfortunately, a couple of months ago, I made the mistake of dying my hair at home with a cheap box dye from Walmart.

The color ended up being so bad that I had to go back to the store and get another box to fix it. Then that color was so bad that I had to go back again. This may or may not have happened a total of 4 times (eek!) If you’ve used box dyes, I’m willing to bet you’ve had a similar experience. You end up spending more on box dyes than if you would have just gotten your hair dyed at the salon. After this experience, I swore off ALL box dyes. No-way- no-how was I going to go through that again. It was expensive and turned my hair into a mess of frizz and fried ends.

It wasn’t until I heard an ad for Madison Reed while listening to the Cold Podcast (which you should definitely listen to, if you haven’t already!) that I decided to give box dyes another chance. My willingness to give them another chance was partly due to my desperation to fix the orangish brown hue I’ve had to live with the past 6 months since the box dye escapade. But mostly, it had to do with the fact that Madison Reed claimed to be a step above a box dye and have superior/healthier ingredients, without the hassle of going to a salon. It sounded like something that was at least worth a shot! So, I gave it one & am super happy I did! Here are a few things I have to say about the experience.

BEFORE BUYING EXPERIENCE: Before you buy your dye, you’re able to take a hair color quiz that helps you pick out your perfect color. I will say, it didn’t help me identify which color would match my skin tone best (which I’ll explain more in the customer service section) but it did help me get pretty close to the color I wanted. If you don’t care much about making sure your skin tone and hair color match (or if you already know your skin tone & which colors would work best), this won’t be a problem.

It was a fun little quiz to take and did help me figure out what I wanted! I think it’s awesome that they include this quiz. It makes you feel more at ease about picking a color. It can feel really scary to walk through the hair dye aisles of the store looking for the correct color. This definitely solved that problem!

CUSTOMER SERVICE: I ended up contacting customer service while trying to decide which dye to purchase. On the website, there was an option to chat with an agent. She was extremely helpful and patient with my indecisiveness. I had heard that you should dye your hair a color that goes with your skin tone and I wasn’t sure what skin-tone I had. I sent her a picture of myself and she helped me figure that out. Then she helped me pick a color.

The only thing I’d say is that she suggested that I get the light brown even though I was pretty sure I should go with the medium brown. I wanted to go quite a bit darker. She suggested the light brown because she said it would come out really dark on my hair. Unfortunately, it barely made a difference in my the darkness of my hair color. So in regards to choosing colors and such, I’d say to just go with your gut. But they are very helpful if you need some help choosing a color to match your skin tone, changing your order, etc.

THE DYING EXPERIENCE: The dying experience was definitely a step (or a few steps) above that of a store-bought box. It still came in a box but Madison Reed made everything easier. There were gloves, some barrier cream to make sure you didn’t dye your face or neck, cleansing wipes, and clear instructions. Everything just felt more simple and straightforward. I feel like even a kindergartener could follow these instructions. With every other box dye I’ve tried, I get frustrated and overwhelmed. With Madison Reed, I was just excited and felt like things went smoothly.

END RESULT: My main concern coming into this was wanting to fix the brassiness in my hair. I absolutely hated the fact that my brown hair leaned more to the orange side because of the cheap box dyes I’d bought. The Madison Reed dye completely fixed this problem for me. As my hair was air drying, I started seeing ashy toned brown hair coming through. I was ecstatic. No other box dye has been able to give me a non-brassy orange color.

My hair also ended up looking better than it did before I dyed it! I was surprised by this. It almost looked like I’d gotten a blowout or had gotten it professionally deep-conditioned. It did end up slightly lighter than I wanted it to. It’s okay- now I know I need to go with the darker color next time. I’m never going to use a store-bought box dye again. The $10 extra for a Madison Reed box dye is completely worth not having to run back to the store 3 times to buy 3 more $10 box dyes. By using Madison Reed, I saved money, fixed my hair color, and made my hair look and feel healthier.