I was the LAST person anyone who knows me well would have expected to get a pet. I think everyone in my family was shocked to hear that we adopted our little Milo back in November. I don’t know what came over me (maybe a little bit of my baby hunger contributed, as well as the fact I’d started watching the random videos of cats I saw on the Explore page on Instagram and started realizing how cute cats actually are). Fortunately, Connor was on board, even though he didn’t think he liked pets either.

I’ve always said, “I’m not a pet person.” (I know, who says that… right!?) I thought they were stinky, hairy, smelly, needy little things that would only cause more stress. I think it was because I’d only ever really been around dogs and I do sort of think getting a dog would have caused more stress for me, personally. BUT CATS ON THE OTHER HAND…. they are clean (they literally groom themselves all day), cuddly while still being independent, so funny to watch, and are just so cute in every way.

And not to mention, I’d much rather clean out a litter box with a scooper than pick up hot poop off the ground with only a thin plastic bag between my hand and the poop. Oh, and meowing is much cuter than barking. I’m not saying we won’t end up getting a dog someday but for now, a cat was the best option for us! So we got our little Milo.

Well, we actually ended up getting two cats… So here’s the thing, when we first got Milo he was CRAZY (just look at the picture below). I mean, he was a young kitten (7 weeks old), but I think that even for a kitten… he was a handful. Biting us constantly, running around like a madman, getting into everything like a toddler but probably even worse, scratching us, etc.

So we read up info online about how to handle this and the most common advice given was to… get another cat. Someone your kitty could get their energy out with and learn social boundaries with (to help them bite and scratch humans less.)

So that we did! We ended up getting our Millie (we lovingly call her Millie Moo because she looks like a little cow). We actually got another cat before her but Milo and the other cat didn’t get along AT ALL no matter what we tried (and we followed all the correct steps to try to help them get along- introducing them through the door, feeding them together, etc).

She just sat there and hissed at him all day when he tried to play with her. We knew it wasn’t a good fit so we found her a new loving family to live with (one that didn’t have any other pets which we felt was the best fit for her.)

Once we got Millie, we were a little hesitant to share anything about her until we were sure that Milo and her would get along since the cat before her didn’t work out for us.

Millie and Milo actually didn’t get along well at first but we could still tell from the very beginning that there was a lot of potential for them to at least end up tolerating each other. After getting Milo neutered he calmed down A LOT and was a lot less territorial, which definitely contributed to them starting to get along. Now they’re best friends (literally!) They cuddle, run around together, play fight, and get into mischief together. They’re the sweetest adopted siblings!

Millie taught Milo better social etiquette (he no longer bites or scratches us AT ALL!) and he has turned into the most cuddly cat I’ve ever seen (he did cuddle quite a bit even when he was more of a rascal). Anytime we sit down on the couch he jumps into our laps and wants to cuddle and be pet. He nuzzles into our necks and is just the sweetest thing.

Millie is so playful and silly. I often call her Silly Millie. She’s also very cuddly and will try to sit right on top of my head if I’m laying down. She’s slept on our bed a few times and cuddles up right next to us all night. We love our kittens so much! They’ve brought us a lot of joy and now I finally understand why people love their pets so much and why losing a pet would be so painful.