My passion for writing and helping people goes way back to my days of watching Arthur with a big bowl of ramen in my lap (which I may or may not still do from time to time). I decided to put my passions together to create a blog- a blog where I inspire and motivate other dreamers, doers, creatives, sensitive souls, and introverts to follow their dreams and take care of themselves.

I myself am a full-fledged sensitive, passionate, introvert with a side of stubborn and quirky. I grew up often feeling like I was “abnormal” and “not enough,” because I liked being alone a lot and was more quiet and reserved. I didn’t really feel like anyone “got me,” because they were too busy telling me to, “Stop being so quiet and sensitive.”

My life was forever changed when my mom got me the book, “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking,” by Susan Cain. Reading it made me realize, for the first time ever, that it was okay to be a sensitive introvert. It was okay to be me. I went from constantly trying to prove to everyone that I was outgoing and social to finally accepting myself for who I am.

I want to share that same message that I’ve learned with other people who may feel like they don’t fit into this world that caters to “tough-skinned” extroverts. Furthermore, I want to share the message that no matter who you are (introvert, extrovert, crazy cat lady, fashionista), the world needs you and you matter.

Though I’m very passionate about sharing that message, you can find a whole range of topics on the blog. I believe we all have various passions deep within our souls, so I don’t limit myself to only writing about one! You can find topics ranging from tips for introverts to my favorite skin care products of all-time. But one thing is for sure. The Determined Dreamer is a space I want you to feel welcomed to! It’s a space where you can learn more about yourself and others, interact with other passionate souls like yourself, and find out more about how to handle life with a heart as big as yours is.

Along with the wide variety of articles on the blog, you can also find helpful resources, the INFJ Polls, my favorite products, and a whole bunch of free goodies hidden throughout.

I hope The Determined Dreamer leaves you feeling motivated, inspired, fulfilled, and like you can take on the world, one craft project, relaxing bath soak, and boundary setting discussion at a time (boundary setting is something we talk about a lot around here!) And of course, I hope you’ll come back for more, because there’s so much we can learn from each other!