5 Important Lessons I Learned From Beauty and the Beast

I just watched "Beauty and The Beast" for the first time this past week. (*gasp*) I was pleasantly surprised to see it on Netflix- mostly surprised because I thought it had just come out, like a couple weeks ago. That's how behind on world trends I am, guys. After I excitedly yelled out to my husband that, "'Beauty and the Beast' is ALREADY on Netflix...

Introversion & INFJ

26 Memes & Quotes That Perfectly Describe the INFJ

INFJ's, otherwise known as "Advocates," by MBTI terms, are a rare and complicated species. They're easily misunderstood because of their contradictory characteristics and their mysterious and private nature. I've assembled a list of carefully chosen memes that I believe describe what it's like to be an INFJ.


45 Creative & Unique Blog Post Ideas For Lifestyle Bloggers

Even if you're a blogger who most likely enjoys writing, you probably have those moments when you just can't think of anything to write. Maybe your brain has ran its course for the day or you've used all of your favorite ideas up in recent blog posts. If that's the case, you're in luck!

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