Beauty & SkincareSelf-care

My Skincare Routine Ft. the Clarisonic Mia Cleansing System

While getting my life back on track, I realized that implementing a skin care routine into my daily schedule would really benefit me. I actually don't have a TON of acne, but I've never taken the best at taking care of my skin. Truth be told, I probably removed my makeup before bed a total of 3 times the past few years. Just because I don't have a ton of acne, doesn't mean my skin wasn't in need of improvement.
Beauty & SkincareSelf-care

My All-Time Favorite Skin & Nail Care Products

Until a couple of years ago, I could have cared less about my skin and nails. Shopping for skincare products, for me, looked like going to Walmart and grabbing whichever products were cheapest but still smelled good. Back then, I also had A LOT of acne, nails that looked like a 90-year-old grandpa's (okay, maybe not that bad), and dry itchy skin that was just aching for anything but another $2 product to save it.