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Can This 4-Question Test Really Reveal Your Myers-Briggs Type?

I recently stumbled upon this 4 question test that’s apparently the “most accurate” way to find out your Myers-Briggs type. It had me intrigued since I’m the type of person that wants to know anyone and everyone’s Myers-Briggs type within 5 minutes of meeting them. Unfortunately, people aren’t always too

Introversion & INFJ

8 Things This Introvert Appreciates About Extroverts

Okay, I'll admit it. I have a really hard time understanding- sometimes even respecting- extroverts. They often seem needy (which is the last thing I want to deal with) and the fact that they seem unable to enjoy their own company... just annoys me (infuriates me, concerns me, etc.).
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6 Harmful Misconceptions About Introversion

Being called an "introvert" used to send me into a major existential crisis. I made it my mission in life to prove to everyone around me that I was NOT (I repeat NOT) an introvert. I equated introversion with shyness, brokenness, and being unlikeable. It wasn't until I discovered the true definition of introversion that I realized that there's absolutely nothing wrong with being an introvert.

How to Host a Summer BBQ as an Introvert With Viva® & Kleenex®

Here's the thing. I WANT to be a better host... because as much as I wish I could never invite a group of people over to our house again, it's going to have to happen. So, I'd rather try to enjoy it instead of dreading it before and during the whole shabang. So, I did some research and deep soul searching introspection to figure out what us introverted souls could do to feel better about hosting events.
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5 Things I Learned from Studying Abroad as an Introvert

Since the day I realized there's a magical place on this Earth called Europe, I've wanted to go there. In fact, I spent a lot of time in middle school and high school fantasizing about one day running off to Ireland where I'd find myself a handsome Irishman and we'd settle down in our cottage with our pet cow.
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