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Reasons to Be Cheerful During Stressful Times

Whether you're PMSing or just in need of a little "pick-me-up," here are a few things I'm grateful for that can hopefully make you stop and think about what you're grateful for, as well. This is as much for me as it is for you (cause I'm definitely in need of writing out a gratitude list) but I do truly hope this can inspire you to create your own list (or at least think of some of the things you're grateful for!)
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7 Things I’ve Learned in My First 7 Months of Marriage

I need to chill out. I'm a little stubborn and definitely not someone you'd consider "go with the flow". I just like things a certain way, which I don't think is always a bad thing (it makes it easier to choose a place to eat when my husbands not sure where we should go...because I know what I want), but it can also cause some issues in marriage and life in general.