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8 Things I’ll Never Stop Recommending

I'm the type of person that's pretty quiet in a group setting (I mean hello, my blog is mainly about being an introvert). There's honestly only a few things that make me come alive and get me talking when I'm around a group of people that I'm not completely comfortable with yet. Those two things are... People's passions, personality types, or anything else that's not surface level chit-chat and things I love.
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7 Productivity Pages You Should Include in Your Bullet Journal

Most people fit into a few different categories when it comes to bullet journaling. Some absolutely love it. Others haven't even heard of it. Some think of bullet journaling as the most time-consuming waste of energy there is. And then there are those who want to love it but end up hating it. I think most people (who already love planner/paper type stuff) fit into the last category.