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My Summer 2018 Reading List

I recently visited the cutest, quaintest little bookstore and boy, oh boy, did it make me happy! There's nothing quite like a local bookstore to lift your spirits! As usual, I wanted to buy the ENTIRE bookstore but somehow resisted the temptation and walked out with only one book. Also, as usual, I took about a million pictures of the front covers of books I want to buy later.
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Review of Sun In + Summer Vacation Essentials (& Free Printable Packing List!)

The only thing keeping me strong during this moody weather fest is the fact that Connor and I are going on a cruise in precisely 11 DAYS! We'll be driving to my hometown, sunny San Diego and then heading off to Mexico for 4 days. We'll be eating our hearts out, lounging by the pool(s), and trying not to get seasick (I've never been on a boat and not gotten sick, so that's gonna be FUN!)